Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Is this even really a surprise? Chrihanna back on again? Yes indeedy folks! Two Felony charges and another court date set for April 6th apparently is not enough to convince Rihanna that she needs to "Take a Bow" and leave while she can. The Barbados-native has yet to make any statements concerning this relationship but her lawyer, who spoke on her behalf at the court proceedings last Thursday, reportedly told the judge that "Ms. Breakin' Dishes" did not wish to request a "no-contact order"; talk about Disturbia. I'm guessing I speak for most when I say Who Cares? Not I....she isn't the only big head Bajan, or female for that matter, to have gotten molly whooped!

Although I don't condone domestic violence, it is just waaaaaaaay too much media attention surrounding this story. Er'body talking about how they aren't playing his songs anymore...wanting to protest him and what-not...for what? At the end of the day his music speaks for itself he is a very talented young, black brother who just so happened to get his "wifebeatin'" exposed! Justice will be served and I'm quite sure he'll be fined and is/will be doing some type of community service because with all those coinz he's racked up over the last couple of years, he isn't serving not one day in the slammer. And to top it off, its rumored that Chris and Rihanna are not only back together they are engaged as well. SMH....see what I mean? Sh*t, I didn't stop listening to R. Kelly and his bee-lack ass is a "Chester"!!! At the end of the day good music is just that good mutha'effin music, and I still have a mean two step er'time I hear the Doublemint commercial. (singing, "double your pleasure, double your fun...it's the right time...LMAO)

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