Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Beep Beep Beep Himself

Bonjour Amerique! Mr. Bobby Valentino who first hit the charts with his smashing single "Slow Down" in 2005 has gotten a less than honorable report in terms of pleasing the ladies!!!! It has been alleged by an annonymus source that BV is not only unequipped, but cheap & quick (to add insult to injury). I know, I could it possibly be? If you've ever had the chance to escape into his world via one of his Cd's; one would think he had it ALL together especially in the bedroom but according to this AS, we've been HOODWINKED! (i.e: Played, Fooled, Ill- advised or Deluded)It has been told that he invited the AS to his hotel room at New York's, Maritime Hotel after Juelz Santana's Birthday Bash. His first gesture was that the source include her friend for a naughty romp. LMAO!! I guess track 8 on his new Cd "The Rebirth" explains that one as he explains that 3 is the new 2! She declined but agreed to catch a taxi to his suite agreeing that he would do the courtesy of paying for the ride. Upon arrival, our source advised us that Mr. V advised her to escape the cab! WHAT? I mean it was ONLY $40. I personally would have had that driver bring me back to my place of rest and called it a night............not this thirsty chick; she wanted to see what was in store for her so she paid herself! So up to the suite she goes, only to be greeted by an intoxicated, 5'3'', curly permed headed n*gga!!! Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Again, Miss Thang weathered the storm and engaged in a few drinks and stimulating conversation. Sensual kisses, tantilizing touches, and curious minds lead them to a physical escapade which not only lasted a few minutes but an UNSATISFIED few minutes. Our source alleged Mr. "WEE OHH WEEE OHHH WEE" couldn't beat it like a cop and was packed equivalent to a 9 year old Asian boy???


**(as I drag myself back into my posturepedic computer desk, after falling out from laughter for the 100th time)**

Then had the nerve to crawl up like one after the..........I don't even know what to refer to this a*s! Mortified? She was to say the least!

I am in complete dismal! I mean............YES I knew he was short in height but YIKES he is also short in other essences as well!

Yet and still, I am a fan of his music. His new Cd, "The Rebirth" is in stores now and unlike's sure to please!

Until next time.....Au Revoir!!!!!!!!!

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