Friday, March 13, 2009


**SMH - Shaking My Head**  Why are the "clears" so d*mn nasty? First off, I don't want anyones nasty a*s used sofa with a whole in the back. Secondly, er rah, why in God's name didn't they check the sofa out first. Soooo, you mean to tell me ya'll bought a sofa aint't even attempt to give it a once over for rips, stains, holes and or PETS!! Ya'll just backed in your Ford pick-up truck up, paid your little $27 and bounced?? Then the kicker is after "Simba's" cousin was found, they just pushed the sofa back in its place and rocked on. Ummmmmm excuse me, Imma need ya'll to dispose of this "Animal Shelter"...yuck how gross!!! Instead "Super save-a Puss" just took it to receive proper care. Typical Clear!!

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