Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanna Be On Top?

Uh oh! Looks like there was a model stampede during today's tryouts in New York for the CW's "America's Next Top Nobody Model." According to Police reports, 3 suspects were arrested for unknown reasons and they have yet to say what really triggered the chaos. Now, I heard that the 3 suspects had rolled up to the auditions in a car, pulled up in front of the lines and yelled "Car Bomb," causing the 3000+ crowd to go nuts and trample 6 potential models. And they did it just for sh*ts and giggles!

Now ain't that an effed up way to get to the front of the line??? I'd see if they thought that they were missing out on a huge opportunity, but really, what ANTM winner have you really seen actually doing good current work? **CRICKETS** Precisely, because Danielle (Season 6 winner) doing modeling for Lane Bryant is NOT what top model dreams are made just ain't. LOL!!!

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ANTM Cycle 12 broadcasts on Wednesdays on the CW; check your local listings for times.

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