Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Mattel Edition

Lawd, I just saw the reporting that Mattel has re-vamped the whole image for Ms. Dora the Explorer in an effort to make her more teen friendly. I guess they had to have her look less "ethnic", get some extensions and drop a few pounds so that she can get her ho stroll explore on.

Somebody help me explain to my baby that Dora done went under the knife and got a whole body lift! SMH!!!! I tried to show to her that this is the "same" Dora, and she looked up at me with innocent eyes that said "That b!tch ain't MY Dora!" *sigh*

But what I'm mad at is how they done gave Dora the ballet flats and extra Claire's jewelry, like that's gonna help that heffa walk through the jungle. She needs tennis shoes and "play clothes"! Now they got her hanging with monkeys and other stanky animals in her good picture day clothes. Ant an!!!!! And where is her backpack? I bet it ain't filled with a map and compass no more. Oh nooo, homegirl got tampons and cell phones in there now. A dios mio!!!


  1. Extremeeeeeeeeee!!! LOL....a damn fool... LOL @ tampon and cell phones

  2. All she need isa COACH bag!!