Thursday, March 26, 2009

The War Next Door :: Protecting Our Young Men

Allow me to preface this post with two points:
1) I have recently been self-diagnosed with Insomnia...
(this means that I suffer from the ability to fall asleep at will and usually am able to stay up for hours on end thru the night and function regularly thru the day with niddle to no sleep) and 2) I TOLD U SO but you didn't want to listen!

A couple of hours ago, I was watching my boy "Coop" [Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN News Show AC360] report from the Mexican border about the war we are fighting with Mexican Drug Cartels just across the border. This really hit home for me and I wanted to bring this information to our KK readers. This is serious people! While we lie asleep at night in our homes, feeling protected and safe, their are Drug Cartels (criminal organizations developed with the primary purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations) seeking to recruit our young, misguided men and lavish them with money, cars and clothes (all a n*99a knows) in exchange for trafficking money and drugs in and out of the Mexican borders. These cartels operate like better organized street gangs and offer much more, in my opinion, then Dey Dey and dem on the corner could ever.

Newly appointed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, text messaged me yesterday before she headed out to Mexico City and Monterrey in efforts to put "walk to talk" of President Obama's declarations yesterday, during his news conference, that we were sending more money and technology to Mexico to aid in the battle against these drug cartels. These cartels are becoming a serious threat to our country (and even bigger one to the theory of Spring Break in Cancun). But all jokes to the left, this is a serious issue and we need to keep our eyes and ears open. That's why the Keyboard Khronicles is committed to keeping you informed! Stay tuned for the latest breaking news from the KK News Desk!

Listening to BRICKS by Gucci Mane! (wondering if GM is a worker on the low?? "...all white bricks, off-white bricks...") GO DOWNLOAD IT!

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