Monday, March 9, 2009

She "Rockin' that Sh*t" like...

Ok, so Imma go head and apologize on behalf of all the people that have lost their D*MN minds (anyone who can potentially claim to not "see it" for the new Misses West) because I [heart] AMBER ROSE! She looks like a blond, bald-headed barbie doll and I absolutely love her! Ok, maybe I'm going off a tad bit, its just that I really respect Yeezy as a rapper, artist, producer and d) ALL OF THE ABOVE, and to see him with this Arm Delicacy (because she's much more than Candy) is making me happy! C'mon people, we have to remember that he did just lose the two most important women in his life in the past year, so he does deserve some happiness. And DUUH, who doesn't want a life-sized Barbie to dress up and tell what to wear and how to match you??

Now for all of you following this Paparazzi-infused relationship, I'm sure you're wondering whether or not this is really a couple. I mean in and out of various shows at Paris' Fashion Week doesn't exactly scream "getting to know you!" But Oh contrare monfrare.... I'm sure that for the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don himself, this is his perfect idea of whether not she can call herself his "Number 1"...Can she be properly dressed at every sighting and compliment his swag?? Well it doesn't look like she is doing too bad as of yet. Between his YSL signature tee and her Louis Vuitton Toe (Spicy Sandal Collection) I'd say, his next album should be right in line with all the others entitled "Good-Ass Job"... (sans- 808's and Heartbreaks). I say we continue to follow and see where this little yellow brick road of fashion and fame leads to....u down?

Song playing in my head: "No Matter What they Say" from the Triple Platinum Album, The Notorious K.I.M.

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