Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feelin' Sum Type of Way

You've entered into the world of the ATL-based, Savannah-harvested, female lyricist that has taken over the Atlanta music scene and won't stop until she has reached the top!
      Lemme start by saying that Fiona Simone is no newbie to the music industry and KK is simply bringing awareness to the brand coined by the rap artist herself, known as the TOMBOY FRESH movement! Fi (Fee), affectionately termed by her closest friends, is no stranger to the music business,especially since in her young lifetime she has already been signed to a major record label (Universal), worked and wrote for some of the hottest artists and producers in the game (Jazze Pha, Polow Da Don, Trina) and even been a victim of undue credit early on in her career via International recognition! But that won't stop this young, fresh and truly talented star whose personal montra is to "Keep it Moving!"
As a member of the new-school trio, The IT Factor (pictured left), Simone and fellow bandmates, Muffy Cupcakeopia and Mutley Southstreet, know all too well the blueprint for making it in the industry; with this knowledge, all three artists have seperate and independent projects in hopes of all making it to the top as well as showcasing their individual talents, which only make The IT Factor a TOP group to be f*cked with! This eclectic group of individuals that Fiona Simone surrounds herself with doesn't stop with her fellow bandmates! The self-proclaimed TOMBOY FRESH family consists of Simone's tour and performance DJ, DJ D SOUL, hypeman and fellow artist, EAZY and Fiona's young up and coming protege, YOUNG ROW! Between all of the Tomboy Fresh Movement tatts that these ladies sport and the bold and boisterious music that they tote, it is a wonder that you haven't seen or heard of these musical geniuses yet! Other than being compared to other great female artists, Fiona appeases that she is an individual and very unique. In an industry dominated and ran by Record Labels (usually on their terms), Fiona is determined to create a BUZZ around the Tomboy Fresh movement and create so much hype, that label heads will come looking for her and the contract can be negotiated on her terms - SMART WOMAN!
For now, you can catch Fiona performing at a miriad of venues in her hometown and music hot-spot, Atlanta Georgia, and you can also download her entire LP by visiting her MYSPACE PAGE! You can catch the whole TOMBOY FRESH crew in Miami for SWEETHEAT May 7-10...hopefully there will be a performance! In the meanwhile, check out Fiona's latest video below entitled "Grind from the Bottom!"


  1. I like Fiona Simone! Im from ATL and shes a very influential artist down here! Mad that she cut her mohawk though! Lol

  2. And is! LADIES ROOM 2.5 was actually the soundtrack for 1kk...