Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's about to be a what....GIRL FIGHT!!!

DWLAPUMS (DEAD WITH LAUGH ALMOST PEEPEE UP MI SELF)!!!! Whenever I can't catch me good good ignant fight on Pay-Per-View I see what has cooking. It never ceases to amaze me the ish that gets caught on tape. Although the clip above is type old its still a HIT in my eyes. I'm so analytical though; I'm criticing ish that doesn't have anything to do with the acutal "fist to facing" for instances: Khaki's (the girl adorning the Khaki shorts) hair...was she in the process of taking them out or getting them done..those rancid a*s braids that is??? Hoodie (the girl adorning the Grey hoodie)why would you go to a fight with a hoodie on? Er'body know you don't wear N T thing that would allow someone to put over your visuals!! 
Did ya'll peep how ol' girl was like Unt Unt Un...not on my car? must be a lot of big b*tches in the PJ's because they all came out to assist and or break up this hood brawl. Unt Un...ya'll too old shoulda been breaking it up but yet and still they adding commentary and fighting tips!!! SMH!!! At any rate...who do you think won? My votes for Hoodie!!! Let us know by leaving a comment below!!

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