Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th: Out in Theaters TODAY!

Now, if some of you ain't know, my favorite type of movie to watch is a good, smoove, clean @ss horror flick! I dont know why, but its just something about these movies that keep me interested longer than 20 minutes and long enough so that I dont fall asleep in the theater. When I saw the previews for this flick about a month ago, I said I definetly have to see this. 

DISCLAIMER: Because this is my first movie review, I will ask that you brace yourself for my Synopsis...Aaand thenx!

In this modern-day reworking of Wes Craven's controversial 1972 shocker, a pair of dumb@ss (clear) teenage girls get there "cookies' taken when they get to walking all alone at night in the middle of the got-d@mn woods. Mari Collingwood (played by Sara Paxton) and her best friend are abducted by some ole' Shawshank Redemtion-type escapees, raped and left for dead as the escapees find refuge at the parents house of young, clear Mari. There, Mari's concerned parents, John (played by Tony Goldwyn) and Emma (played by Monica Potter), realize just how much of a f*cked up situation that they are in -- their daughter and her friend is somewhere in the woods and the d@mn punks who did it, have taken over their house. Shortly there after, the "hood" comes out in Mr. & Mrs. Suburbia as they quietly concoct a plan in order to lure the killers into a deadly trap and make the three strangers suffer for bringing that non-sense to...THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

Once I go see it, I'll let you know what I think! If you've already seen it, feel free to leave comments about it after the jump!

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