Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Presidential News Conference

A KK Correspondent has just exited the D.C. Area on KK1 (Our  company jet) and we are currently getting the latest in updates on the 2nd Presidential Primetime news conference in just 6 weeks!

The main agenda of this conference was to address the economy; what the President and the administration he has selected are doing to carry our country through these troubling times. President Barack Obama gave a brief introductory speech which outlined his four main elements to in progressing our economy and how we can get ourselves out of this mess. These four elements included:

Education - Looking at programs that aren't working and cut them to eliminate wasteful spending
Health care - the rising costs of health care and making sure that everyone is afforded the right to be healthy
Energy - starting to create our own energy resources here in the U.S. and start to shave our dependence on other countries
Science/Technology - Checking on things such as Stem cell research to start to aid in cures for Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimer's and early juvenile diabetes

Highlights from the News Conference:

On curbing the violence in Mexico and Nat'l Security becoming involved...

Obama (rephrased): We just sent millions of dollars to purchase and maintain surveillance technology and are coordinating with the Mexican gov't and the President to dominate and diminish the huge drug cartels; we are designing plans to ensure the safety of our border communities and as the Mexican gov't is cooperating, we need to stop cash and illegal firearms from making their way to Mexico (things that allow the drug cartels to become stronger)

On families with children that are homeless... (BTW, this question was asked by a correspondent from EBONY magazine)

Obama (rephrased): I'm heartbroken and that's why I am working hard because the first step is to get these parents jobs and prevent layoffs, something we have to do in order to help these children and families.

On how race has, if at all, had any type of presence since Obama took office...

Obama (rephrased): The last 64 days, I have been hammering with how I am going to fix this broken economy; an economy that doesn't care if your black, white, brown or blue

On his moral and ethical feelings on federally funded Stem Cell research...

Obama (rephrased): Sure I have wrestled with the morality and ethical issues that face us when it comes to Stem Cell research, but when we are moving towards solving things such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease or juvenile diabetes, I'm all for it.

On Pres. Obama continually referring back to the deficit he "inherited" but not giving a clear view of what he plans to do about it...

Obama (rephrased): Cant do everything tomorrow. We have to take steps in the right directions, we cant just arrive there. The key is persistence, something I will practice as long as I am in office. We have made significant strides over the past 64 days and as long as we continue on the right path, it will get better. 

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: On AIG's newly revealed bonuses and why the President didn't address it publicly earlier even though he knew about it days before it came out...

"It took a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak!"

GOOD EVENING! (LMBPHA) = "Blk President Having" (See the clip below)!

C'mon for wrapping the reporters up who are trying to get fierce with the Obama camp! Don't pull it or he'll mess around and push it! 

Just a brief synopsis of the News Conference! More analysis to come soon! 

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  1. I am anxious and excited for the path that President Obama is taking. His precaution is seen by many as inaction. However, it is clear to see what rash decision making and lack of clear rational thinking has done to our countries economy (Thank you GWB). It is important for the up and coming young professional elite to continue to support Obama's efforts and monitor the progress that his administration is making.