Monday, March 30, 2009

It took yall FOREVER and a DAY!

Get Ready! On April 14th, the Boys of DAY26 will release their sophomore album entitled FOREVER IN A DAY (not sure which picture above or below will adorn the album cover)! Wonder what that title is about? I have some questions for Puffy P. Daddy, Diddy Puffy Combs, Sean John Puff Diddle ... 1) Ummm er rah, where is the leading single off the album that should've been in radio rotation at least 3 weeks now?? 2) What about the promotion and marketing?? Where's the music video, television performances, radio interviews??? I guess we'll have to wait FOREVER and a DAY before Diddy gets around to that! Let's just pray that DAY26 doesn't get the sophomore jinx (breaking up as a group) like their big sisters DANITY KANE even though the MTB4 Reality Series almost but confirms this for their future. 
Go listen to two of the singles off the album,  Imma put it on her and Stadium Music and let us know what you think! 

6-7-8 Triple 9, 8-2-1-2....

From the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2009 in L.A., to BET's 2009 Spring Bling in Riviera Beach, FL, SouljaBoyTellEm doesn't have the Number#1 ringtone in the country for nothing....

"Bay-Bee, u know that I Miss-u, I wanted to Kiss-u, but I can't right now so baby kiss me thru the phoooonnnneeee..."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What U Said (Not to me)...

I said I wasn't going to do this (YouTube this woman's ish) because the devil is a liar, but I just prayed about it so..... GET INNN!

C. Mili-BLONDE makes her way thru SPRING BLING!

That's right! On her way back to L.A. (according to her newly activated Twitter Account) Ms. "Dip it Low" was in town to perform at BET's Spring Bling! She, alongside rumored Fiance and "Radio-Killa" The Dream, stayed at the wonderful Acqualina Resort and Spa for a few hours before heading back West! Follow Xtina on her Twitter page and check out her Myspace for more info on her upcoming Album ELOPE set to hit stores May 19th! BTW, the blonde look works! Maybe you just have to see it in person like I did! :)

T(eeth) Pain

**Ok, not really. DWL!!!**

Oops! It appears Mr. T-Pain was involved in a nasty accident over the weekend that included the following items: his golf cart, his precious grill and most of his dingy, yella & stank front teeth. Supposedly, this was on his way to film a cameo in a new Lil' Kim video. Hmm, wonder if he's gonna blame this on the alcohol?? Here's what Miss Jones herself had to say on the matter:

Feeling the Love: Song of the Week

Get your Beautiful Soul at

Stokley and nem are back!!! Well, minus Toni Braxton's man Keri Lewis (keyboards), but they say he's busy with stuff. Riiitee.**insert n!gga please face** Anywho, this new jam, "Nothing Left to Say" is off their latest CD titled "eLife" So d@mn MAD I didn't even know this album had came out! Apparently, "eLife" has been in stores since late 2008. Ugh, I was too outta the loop! But now I'm back in and the CD is GRATE!!! If you need more from Mint Condition, check em out HERE for the scoop and snippets from the new effort! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feelin' Sum Type of Way

You've entered into the world of the ATL-based, Savannah-harvested, female lyricist that has taken over the Atlanta music scene and won't stop until she has reached the top!
      Lemme start by saying that Fiona Simone is no newbie to the music industry and KK is simply bringing awareness to the brand coined by the rap artist herself, known as the TOMBOY FRESH movement! Fi (Fee), affectionately termed by her closest friends, is no stranger to the music business,especially since in her young lifetime she has already been signed to a major record label (Universal), worked and wrote for some of the hottest artists and producers in the game (Jazze Pha, Polow Da Don, Trina) and even been a victim of undue credit early on in her career via International recognition! But that won't stop this young, fresh and truly talented star whose personal montra is to "Keep it Moving!"
As a member of the new-school trio, The IT Factor (pictured left), Simone and fellow bandmates, Muffy Cupcakeopia and Mutley Southstreet, know all too well the blueprint for making it in the industry; with this knowledge, all three artists have seperate and independent projects in hopes of all making it to the top as well as showcasing their individual talents, which only make The IT Factor a TOP group to be f*cked with! This eclectic group of individuals that Fiona Simone surrounds herself with doesn't stop with her fellow bandmates! The self-proclaimed TOMBOY FRESH family consists of Simone's tour and performance DJ, DJ D SOUL, hypeman and fellow artist, EAZY and Fiona's young up and coming protege, YOUNG ROW! Between all of the Tomboy Fresh Movement tatts that these ladies sport and the bold and boisterious music that they tote, it is a wonder that you haven't seen or heard of these musical geniuses yet! Other than being compared to other great female artists, Fiona appeases that she is an individual and very unique. In an industry dominated and ran by Record Labels (usually on their terms), Fiona is determined to create a BUZZ around the Tomboy Fresh movement and create so much hype, that label heads will come looking for her and the contract can be negotiated on her terms - SMART WOMAN!
For now, you can catch Fiona performing at a miriad of venues in her hometown and music hot-spot, Atlanta Georgia, and you can also download her entire LP by visiting her MYSPACE PAGE! You can catch the whole TOMBOY FRESH crew in Miami for SWEETHEAT May 7-10...hopefully there will be a performance! In the meanwhile, check out Fiona's latest video below entitled "Grind from the Bottom!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

These are my obsessions...

The "Diva" herself Ms. Beyonce Knowles has done it again!!! I AM happy that she finally has a role where she is not emulating a singer!! C'Mon stepping outside your comfort zone. She took it to the streets; back to H-Town with this role. This film looks like its going to be a good good ignant watch! I AM/Will be in the lines to purchase my ticket to view this one opening night which is April 24th!! For Worldwide release dates Click Here. "All's fair when love is war...." *Singing* "Don't mess with my man ...find your own and leave mine alone "!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

1, 2, 3, The Devil's after me!

Being that "The Haunting in Connecticut" hit so close to home for me, I had to be one of the 1st patrons in line to view it on opening night. This Movie is creating a lot of buzz around CT; check out the news clip from the house and town the story generated from. Watching the previews, the movie showed promise but Ant Ant An WRONG...folks, I hate to break it but the only thing "Haunting" about this film was the lack of horror it offered. I'm a big fan of screamers and this film left me wanting more. Some parts wre as dry as the Sahara, and it took way to long for the progression in the movie! **Yelling "PLEASE SCARE ME ALREADY"** Save ya coinz and wait for this dud to come out on DVD or better yet wait for it to hit HBO. I guess I should have known this would lack luster and shine being it was only rated PG13! The graphics were nice though especially the scripts that appeared on "Matt's" body. Other than that, *insert crickets!* I'm giving this one a gel acrylic french tip thumbs down! Don't let me be the ONLY voice of reason though. Go check it out for yourself. Let us know what you think, and hit us up via email or simply comment below.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's about to be a what....GIRL FIGHT!!!

DWLAPUMS (DEAD WITH LAUGH ALMOST PEEPEE UP MI SELF)!!!! Whenever I can't catch me good good ignant fight on Pay-Per-View I see what has cooking. It never ceases to amaze me the ish that gets caught on tape. Although the clip above is type old its still a HIT in my eyes. I'm so analytical though; I'm criticing ish that doesn't have anything to do with the acutal "fist to facing" for instances: Khaki's (the girl adorning the Khaki shorts) hair...was she in the process of taking them out or getting them done..those rancid a*s braids that is??? Hoodie (the girl adorning the Grey hoodie)why would you go to a fight with a hoodie on? Er'body know you don't wear N T thing that would allow someone to put over your visuals!! 
Did ya'll peep how ol' girl was like Unt Unt Un...not on my car? must be a lot of big b*tches in the PJ's because they all came out to assist and or break up this hood brawl. Unt Un...ya'll too old shoulda been breaking it up but yet and still they adding commentary and fighting tips!!! SMH!!! At any rate...who do you think won? My votes for Hoodie!!! Let us know by leaving a comment below!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Hatian....

Diddy and his management team are holding a casting call for his Ciroc-Imperative company, and he was all to detailed about his specific requirements!!!

Race: White, Hispanic, or LIGHT SKINNED African American.

Ex-Squeeze me but er rah what is wrong with us double dip chocolate chip women? I'm am perturbed with this disturbing information. He got some nerve when he is about one shade away from being a TAR baby. Horse mouth MUTHAPHUCKA!!! His kids mother Kim Porter isn't light-skinned!!! I wouldn't be surprised if they were doing the brown paper bag test!!! TURNT OFF!!! Besides the complexion requirements you also need to be 5'6 or taller and wear a size 7 or smaller. If you AREN'T a DARKIE and still may be interested in the job contact info is below.

This is a cash @ wrap job and the booking will be thru our partner. Please submit asap. Talent will only be contacted if the client is interested in booking you!!!

Compensation: $35.00 per hour

Imperative Talent Management
3500 Lenox Road, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326
404-419-2565 Office
404-419-2564 Office

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

What's up Doc???

Flo-Rida done got himself recognized for something other than his whack a*s songs! Apparently according to witnesses, he up and "kilt" Bugs Bunny!! LMAO...ummm er rah what is it with black celebrities wanting to harm innocent animals? Instead of putting time and effort into harming animals you need to turn your behind "Right Round" into the studio and give me a hot 16!!! Although "Right Round" took the "Elevator" from the 58th spot to top spot in one week, don't let your head get in the "Ayer" just yet!!! Mr. "Low's" 2nd studio release titled R.O.O.T.S (Route of Overcoming the Struggle) is scheduled to hit stores on March 31, 2009. Hmmmm, I wonder if this latest drama will help or harm album sales????

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

UPDATE :: Our KK members have SPOKEN!

Ooop! Sir E just received an email from a dedicated KK member concerning D'Maine Truth's last post regarding our niece CiCi...Seems as though the streets ARE talking and CONFIRMING that "Ms. Fantasy Ride" maybe biting off a lil' more than she can chew! You be the judge!

**Your honor, I'd like to enter into evidence Exhibit A {Side by side photo proofs}**

Spicy just like hot sauce careful, you might burn it up!!!

             From Ciara's 3rd studio album Fantasy Ride which is slated to be released on May 5, 2009, is her 2nd single "Love Sex Magic" which features none other than my southern Clear boi JT. The streets is talking ya'll and they are saying this video has some similarities to Beyonce's "Diva" video. Ion it a coincidence; but I believe my girl CiCi has her own style...she definitely can't sing like my "sister" Bey, but she can give her a run for her money as far as 1,2 Stepping is concerned. 
     I loves to see a fellow diva do her thang in some stilettos, and I feel like we have a hit on our hands!!! I'm definitely looking forward to the release of her 3rd album!! Do you think Ms. Harris is swagger jackin? Hit us up at or simply leave a comment. 

Your source D'Maine truth and nothing but the truth.

Can't nobody take my pride, Can't nobody HOLD ME DOWN!

C'Mon JHud Part 2!!! How inspirational was that? Get it b*tch!!! Julia Hudson did that, I must say that her Maybelline was flawless!! Her story is so amazing, just when you thought you lost everything she is still able to stand up and be in the SPOTLIGHT!!!

Speaking to reporters prior to walking the runway at a fashion show, Julia Hudson said that she wanted to get up and stand tall because, “If I were to not be able to get up, that would mean William (Balfour, her estranged husband now charged with the murders) and the devil won. They took enough from me. They won’t take nothing else from me.”

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

What a Bad little Girl I AM!

Alexander McQueen Jet-Crystal Bootie Spring Collection 2009
Enuff Said!
I'm sorry! Did u have anything YOU wanted to add? Dont worry, I'll wait...

The War Next Door :: Protecting Our Young Men

Allow me to preface this post with two points:
1) I have recently been self-diagnosed with Insomnia...
(this means that I suffer from the ability to fall asleep at will and usually am able to stay up for hours on end thru the night and function regularly thru the day with niddle to no sleep) and 2) I TOLD U SO but you didn't want to listen!

A couple of hours ago, I was watching my boy "Coop" [Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN News Show AC360] report from the Mexican border about the war we are fighting with Mexican Drug Cartels just across the border. This really hit home for me and I wanted to bring this information to our KK readers. This is serious people! While we lie asleep at night in our homes, feeling protected and safe, their are Drug Cartels (criminal organizations developed with the primary purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations) seeking to recruit our young, misguided men and lavish them with money, cars and clothes (all a n*99a knows) in exchange for trafficking money and drugs in and out of the Mexican borders. These cartels operate like better organized street gangs and offer much more, in my opinion, then Dey Dey and dem on the corner could ever.

Newly appointed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, text messaged me yesterday before she headed out to Mexico City and Monterrey in efforts to put "walk to talk" of President Obama's declarations yesterday, during his news conference, that we were sending more money and technology to Mexico to aid in the battle against these drug cartels. These cartels are becoming a serious threat to our country (and even bigger one to the theory of Spring Break in Cancun). But all jokes to the left, this is a serious issue and we need to keep our eyes and ears open. That's why the Keyboard Khronicles is committed to keeping you informed! Stay tuned for the latest breaking news from the KK News Desk!

Listening to BRICKS by Gucci Mane! (wondering if GM is a worker on the low?? "...all white bricks, off-white bricks...") GO DOWNLOAD IT!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bootie, Bootie, Bootie, Bootie Rockin Errywhere!

I've been seeing these oh, so lovely shoes pop up around the fashion world and wondered to myself, "What are those marvelous works of art?" Well, this here ladies and gents is the Givenchy Birdcage Bootie and it has taken the fashion world by storm!
These delights have been seen on the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian and KK's own D'Maine Truth and are a coveted shoe this season. Yes you heard me right, at $365.72 a pop, these are already a HOT item!! And clearly you can see why. If I didn't have anything better to do with my paycheck this month, I would most certainly purchase these!!

But since I'm something like a bargain diva, here are 2 options for the Givenchy that are more in a reasonable price range for our thrifty folks.
The Givenchy Birdcage Bootie is available at for $365.72. (what's with the .72??)

You see me HI HATER......

Who knew Season 2 winner London "Deelishis" Charles from Flavor of Love had an attempt made at her life. Since when are D-listers that popular?!! Well; you can't tell me I'm not a celebrity so Imma have to be on the look out as well (lifting meat & cheese on $5 dollar foot long to check for any undesirables)!!! At any rate glad she was able to turn it all around into something positive. C'mon F.L.A.W!!! I LIVE!! HATERATION is definitely a sickness amongst us black folk especially in woman...the Surgeon General just announced that HATERATION brings on premature the words of Ms. Whitney Houston on the BET Awards "Yooooooooooooouuu betta lay low"!!! LMAO!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Treat of the Week (Melodic Edition)

**in groupie voice** Lonnie Rashid Lynn, I love you!!!!

KK, this is the only light skinned man I would love to "Come Close". LOL! From his sexual seduction voice to his thought provoking lyrics, Common just gives me life!!! For his next project, he will be starring in Terminator: Salvation in theaters May 21, 2009. Check him out HERE on his official webpage to see all his goinz ons.

Please submit any suggestions for Treat of the Week to

Torn in between the Two...

...because I really wanna like you. But ummmmmmmmmmmm I'm not sure about this song and/or video. I feel like I don't wanna here this song ANYMORE. This is your second time around as a solo should be a niddle bit more seasoned in the game. We all know my girl Bey is holding it down and can't NO ONE touch her but you can at least give it the ole' College try. The concept of the video was tired and played...been there seen that MOVING ONNNNNNNNN NEXT!! And the song lacks the pizazz, it just annoys me how the the chorus is sooooo repetitive. I'm giving this 2 gel acrylics DOWN. Hopefully she'll have a hit on her hands with the release of Mims second single "Love Rollercoaster" which features Ms. Luckett; and she can ride his coat tail for a while...I mean being a back-up singer oooops I mean member of Destiny Child you should be sorta kinda used to it, LOL!!! Letoya's second LP is slated to be released May 19, 2009 titled Lady Love. *Crossing Fingers* Hoping this album shows some promise or at least the second single.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

M.I.A take it to the house!

________________________________DNR!!! *Embodying Neffie* jumps on top of table and goes into convulsions!!! Did he really? C'mon add turkey, lettuce, tomato, onions and honey mustard sauce and call it a WRAP!!! Yeah he did that. Milan pulled it and my boi Kyle pushed!! "You want me to be a gay now I'm the Queen what's up?" LMMFAO!!! This all occurred within the 1st 15Min's of them meeting!! MY GAAAAH!! Say it isn't so. With Drama like this College Hill South Beach is sure to keep millions of viewers tuned in on Tuesdays at 10/9C. .....this the way we take it to the house!!! LOL

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Presidential News Conference

A KK Correspondent has just exited the D.C. Area on KK1 (Our  company jet) and we are currently getting the latest in updates on the 2nd Presidential Primetime news conference in just 6 weeks!

The main agenda of this conference was to address the economy; what the President and the administration he has selected are doing to carry our country through these troubling times. President Barack Obama gave a brief introductory speech which outlined his four main elements to in progressing our economy and how we can get ourselves out of this mess. These four elements included:

Education - Looking at programs that aren't working and cut them to eliminate wasteful spending
Health care - the rising costs of health care and making sure that everyone is afforded the right to be healthy
Energy - starting to create our own energy resources here in the U.S. and start to shave our dependence on other countries
Science/Technology - Checking on things such as Stem cell research to start to aid in cures for Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimer's and early juvenile diabetes

Highlights from the News Conference:

On curbing the violence in Mexico and Nat'l Security becoming involved...

Obama (rephrased): We just sent millions of dollars to purchase and maintain surveillance technology and are coordinating with the Mexican gov't and the President to dominate and diminish the huge drug cartels; we are designing plans to ensure the safety of our border communities and as the Mexican gov't is cooperating, we need to stop cash and illegal firearms from making their way to Mexico (things that allow the drug cartels to become stronger)

On families with children that are homeless... (BTW, this question was asked by a correspondent from EBONY magazine)

Obama (rephrased): I'm heartbroken and that's why I am working hard because the first step is to get these parents jobs and prevent layoffs, something we have to do in order to help these children and families.

On how race has, if at all, had any type of presence since Obama took office...

Obama (rephrased): The last 64 days, I have been hammering with how I am going to fix this broken economy; an economy that doesn't care if your black, white, brown or blue

On his moral and ethical feelings on federally funded Stem Cell research...

Obama (rephrased): Sure I have wrestled with the morality and ethical issues that face us when it comes to Stem Cell research, but when we are moving towards solving things such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease or juvenile diabetes, I'm all for it.

On Pres. Obama continually referring back to the deficit he "inherited" but not giving a clear view of what he plans to do about it...

Obama (rephrased): Cant do everything tomorrow. We have to take steps in the right directions, we cant just arrive there. The key is persistence, something I will practice as long as I am in office. We have made significant strides over the past 64 days and as long as we continue on the right path, it will get better. 

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: On AIG's newly revealed bonuses and why the President didn't address it publicly earlier even though he knew about it days before it came out...

"It took a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak!"

GOOD EVENING! (LMBPHA) = "Blk President Having" (See the clip below)!

C'mon for wrapping the reporters up who are trying to get fierce with the Obama camp! Don't pull it or he'll mess around and push it! 

Just a brief synopsis of the News Conference! More analysis to come soon! 

Had to get rid of the weight on my fourth finger...LEFT HAND!

It's the ROC removed from her hand!!! Rachel Roy has purnched Mr. Rocawear/Roc-a-fella co-founder Damon Dash in the face with divorce papers. This is one of many lawsuites Mr. Dash has to now deal with. Divorce was filed this month in Manhattan Supreme Court. The Daily News reported that Ed Hayes, a lawyer for Roy, declined comment, and a Dash spokeswoman did not return calls or e-mails.

An electronic record of the case says the divorce is for “non monetary relief” and should be resolved by February. The Duo eloped back in January 2005 in Mexico, and have two daughters together. This break-up is the latest of his ever pending legal messes. His dynasty is crumbling right before his eyes due to massive debts and one law suit after another. I'm guessing he didn't know how to separate business from pleasure. He has lost his Money, his Power, and soon it will be his respect. Time to Grind in 09...get it together boop! *Whispers* Shouldn't have bit the hand (Jigga) the fed your bee-lack a*s, sounds like you need to do some reconciliations because Hov ain't missing a meal and STILL has the baddest B*tch in the game wearing his ROC chain!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

On and On

Mz. Apples know she can put a smile on my face anytime! This is old, but it still slays me when she says the infamous "Do some ho sh!t" BWHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Speaking of Badu, for all our Miami KKer's, she will be performing on March 28th at the Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival. For all other tour dates, peep out her MySpace page.

Imma take a shot of the NUVO, Shortay then you know..

If you don't know you better ask somebody! I mean how couldn't you know about this new drank. It made its debut on the scences back in 08 and has been seen adorning the glasses from the likes of Fabolous, T-Pain (who likes his mixed with the Hen doggy dog), Ludacris to countless models and other celebs. This is personally a fav of mine. Its sexy perfume shaped bottle, and pink color adds sophistication and elegance to any event. This French sparkling wine offers up a delectable aroma sure to please any palate! Ideally its to be enjoyed in a champagne flute over ice. I prefer mine chilled in a martini glass. Either way it does down. This delight is sold in 3 different size bottles at most local liquor retailers. CLICK HERE for a fine wine source and to purchase your own bottle. Bottoms up!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Too Close for Comfort

Ummmmmm er rah..."ain't no such things as half way crooks...they scared and shooked" is an understatement. This movie premieres on March 27th in theatres everywhere. This horror/thriller filmed allegedly is based on a true story of a Southington, CT family. The Snedeker's paranormal encounters took place when they moved to the home to be closer the the clinic where their son was partaking in treatment for cancer. The family begins experiencing violent, supernatural events that the parents first blame on stress from the illness, but they later discover that their new home is a former mortuary with a dark past. Now is it just me, or does the YT's tend to ALWAYS get themselves into these sichiations?? Imma need ya'll to do a niddle research before you just up and move your family into a home...and the 1st sign of something going wrong you don't stay and try to work it pack up and move ship! DA DUH!!! I'll be sure to attend my local movie theatres this weekend and tell you what I think.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Sittin' on top of The world Hills....

C'mon prime time clears giving me my dose of LIFE!!! Please DO NOT sleep on MTV's smash hit "The Hills" this show is a definite must watch. I tune in er'chance I get!!! Season 5 is sure to keep you glued to the tube. It premieres on April 6th 10PM ET/PT. Cast favs Lauren "LC" Conrad and Heidi Montag have a reunion in the making that will keep me on the edge of my seat these two have been feuding for the last 2 seasons. Aside from the soap opera filled antics this show also brings me fashions Do's and Don'ts. What its like to live a glam life of partying, traveling, and being a socialite amongst Hollywood young elite. Give it a chance and let me know whatcha ya think.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Now THAT'S a Bad B*tch!

Pictured left is, a very pregnant, Kimora Lee Simmons leaving a trendy Hawaiian restaurant in Beverly Hills by the name of Luau. Despite being preggos, she is still rocking a pair of skin tight jeans and a bad @ss pair of Louboutins. (Yeah she did that!) Just because you are preggers, DOES NOT mean you have a pass to look sloppy!! My fellow Diva never misses a beat, she is ALWAYS adorning the latest trends (if she isn't creating her own), and making it look effortless! She attended the restaurant with he BFF Tyra Banks. And if you peeped the second picture her baby daddy Mr. Djimon Hounsou came to pick them up! Awwwwww how ka-yute! Mrs. Fabulosity is definitely rocking that pregnancy glow!! I tell you one thing if she likes it I love it. Go on girl!!!
Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Mr. Hightower teaches more than Music!

Lady KK'ers, I just got finished reading Steve Harvey's new best selling book "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man" and I dare say that...I LIVE! Steve really spills the beans on a man's actions and how to key in on what they really want from a relationship. I wish I had this book about 4 years ago. Then I woulda been able to spot that lame ni&&a from a mile away and ran know how to deal with men correctly. LOL! But the chapters that kept Miss Elle turning were the ones on the "3 P's", how to date with children and the crucial "90-day rule". Steve had me nodding in agreement with his advice and literally laughing out loud and his silly @ss commentary cause I could really hear him saying it! Alright Steve!

I gives the book 2 Acrylics up! It had it's dry moments, but the info he was dishin more than made up for it! I'm really just sooo glad he regained cool points for this monstrosity of a photo shoot he did a lil while back. *shudders* C'mon, who let Paw Paw in the grease???"Act like a Lady, Think like a Man" is available in hardcover at Wal-Mart for $11.99. Cop that ish!!!!!! Also check him out on "Oprah After the Show". Apparently, she needed a 'lil advice too!

Your all I need to get by.....

In this instance its MONEY !!! Method Man’s vehicle was reportedly repossessed last week because of his failure to pay over $50,000 in New York taxes.

The state Department of Taxation seized the rapper/actor’s 2008 Lincoln Navigator from his Staten Island home last Wednesday (March 18), says the New York Post
How High do you have to go to drop so low. SMH!!!

Your Source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Never get high on your own supply just viewed a clip for A&E's hottest show; Intervention (A KK FAVE). Intervention is a powerful and breathtaking television series in which people confront their darkest demons and seek an oath to redemption. The television series profiles people whose dependence on drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behavior has brought them to a point of personal crisis and estranged them from their friends and loved ones.

This show airs on Mondays @ 9/8p sure to tune in and catch a full episode. For more information on the show and to view additional episodes in their entirety CLICK HERE.

Your Source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Monday, March 23, 2009


D@MN I wish I could be in NY tomorrow, March 24th, so I could get my signed copy of the fourth-studio album release from none other than JIM JONES entitled Pray IV Reign. The album includes hits like the street-certified, "Pop Champagne Remix" produced by Ron Brownz and "Jackin' Swagga from Us," a follow-up (of sorts) to the popular and well-known M.I.A. Anthem!

Me and Jones go waaaay back! I have been listening to him for a while and once I ran thru his bio, I knew we would always be cool! Jones didn't start out in front of the cameras, but more so behind the scenes as the Brains of the operation for Cam'ron and Dipset! He was always a business man and eventually decided to come to the fore-front and tell his story through his lyrics. He is also a person who likes to Play-On-Words like myself (hence the title of the LP) and I admire someone with a lil' brain smarts! 

So if you happen to be in NY tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, stop by the Virgin Megastore Union Square Cafe and holla at that nigg for me! For more info, check his WEBPAGE or his MYSPACE! Or download one of my faves from his HUSTLER'S P.O.M.E. album, "Emotionless."

**Baaaaaaallllllllllllllliiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn** (and that Lavender Louis throw don't hurt either)


Ryan Leslie: ...spent a few minutes running around the studio excited about the vibe of this hook I just laced for Fab. Wale, I got you too! -9 minutes ago
Jim Jones: At hot 97 right now bout to do an interview wit flex pop some shit like I do wit some real talk u know that shit the people wanna hear.. -1 hour ago

The Coldest/COMPLEX Winter

This is why I (FXX) with this man!

Go to COMPLEX to see complete details!

**CALLS KINKOS! "Hi, I'm submitting my resume and application for an internship position this summer with a Mr. West! I was wondering do you all print on PASTELL colored paper?"**

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are you SSSSSSSerious?

Get the envelopes, it's time to address the haters!
My Happiness IS My Sanity!

**going into convulsions and falling out all over the place as I watch this! Neffe, if you EVER see this, know that I love you and you have a warm spot in my Chuckle Box for all of LIFE!**

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sneak Peek - "Make Love" ft. Kanye West

Go preview the album IN A PERFECT WORLD for a limited time only HERE!

Preview Pics from 1KK - Oct 2008

Inside scoop: Our first annual Keyboard Khronicles Convention (1kk) was held in Atlanta, Georgia last October. We won't be displaying most of the pictures for a while due to some legal ramifications we aren't at liberty to discuss (we were clearly sporting trends that hadn't yet been released to magazine showrooms and fashion runways, much less the public - basically, we ate ATL's @ss all the way up with our fashions - more to come on that lately) sooo, we've decided to still preview some photos that showcase some of the things we did, including the fine dining we indulged in! This first photo (located up above) was our first dining experience at the lovely Waffle House @ Lindberg Station. We broke that table right up with all different types of Wafffles (Pecan to Blueberry), eggs, grits, toast, "snausages," bacon, ham, Sweet Teas and the whole nine. That was one good time!
This next photo (to your left) was our lunch (slash) dining experience at the beautiful Gladys Knight's & Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles! This was an extremely great dining experience as well from the waiting outside on Peachtree to the wait staff and the great food! 

For more info on either of these restaurants, visit their web pages (Waffle House & Glady's Knights Chicken and Waffles) and make sure to visit these spots if you happen to be in the ATL area. Stay tuned for more preview pics from (1kk)!

What U Listenin' To?

Sir E's Hot 6: This is what I am currently bumpin' on my iPod Touch or as I like to call it, my iTouch! Got something you want us to hear? Let a nigg know...!

DVR meets the Internet

Upon my internet research to find some type of life that ever existed after my all-time favorite show, "Martin" went off the air, I ran across Fancast. Fancast is the leading entertainment site dedicated to celebrating television. Fancast has archived an extensive video collection of television shows, movies, trailers and clips, and gives viewers close-to-instant access so they can tune-in, catch-up and critique their favorite shows. I must admit that I was quite impressed with this site. Although it does not carry all of the Martin episodes, they have a lot of viewer favorites such as Lost, ANTM, Heroes and others not to mention some KK favoites (Keisha Cole's THE WAY IT IS, T.I.'s Road to Redemption, etc). Check out FANCAST to see what's hot and happening everyday in the world of television and entertainment.

Check me next time, and I'll have the URL for the website that I just finished watching that new Beyonce movie on ( **What, that ain't even out yet**) EXACTLY!

Ready...Or NOT

This right here....KILT me early this fine mornin! My pace maker is out for repairs and I am too through, especially at the Coming to America remix.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Footwear, No Doubt!

Gwen Stefani gives it to me just about every time oh so RIGHT! These lil beauties here from her L.A.M.B. footwear collection are called the "Faran" Hidden Platform sandal. Whether paired with a swank shirt dress (seen below in black) or Bermuda shorts, these 4 1/2" heels command a presence!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

L.A.M.B.'s "Faran" are available at Nordstrom in cognac and black for $355.00. Gone and get 'em for me!

Extreme Makeover: Mattel Edition

Lawd, I just saw the reporting that Mattel has re-vamped the whole image for Ms. Dora the Explorer in an effort to make her more teen friendly. I guess they had to have her look less "ethnic", get some extensions and drop a few pounds so that she can get her ho stroll explore on.

Somebody help me explain to my baby that Dora done went under the knife and got a whole body lift! SMH!!!! I tried to show to her that this is the "same" Dora, and she looked up at me with innocent eyes that said "That b!tch ain't MY Dora!" *sigh*

But what I'm mad at is how they done gave Dora the ballet flats and extra Claire's jewelry, like that's gonna help that heffa walk through the jungle. She needs tennis shoes and "play clothes"! Now they got her hanging with monkeys and other stanky animals in her good picture day clothes. Ant an!!!!! And where is her backpack? I bet it ain't filled with a map and compass no more. Oh nooo, homegirl got tampons and cell phones in there now. A dios mio!!!

Treat of the Week (International Style)

Ooh la la! This lil tasty treat here is Isma who hails from France. I saw this and thought it was the perfect way to start off a hump day. Yeah yeah, I know you can hardly see his face, but sometimes you just gotta appreciate when milk does a body good! Viva la France!

Please submit any suggestions for Treat of the Week to

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soooooooooo Anxious........ clear up the rumors that is! Ginuwine had no problems clearing up the rumors about him and Ms. LisaRaye during an interview with Jamie Brown of Sister 2 Sister. Personally, I think Sole' does have something to worry about; I mean she is a "stranger" (a.k.a.  1-Hit Wonder). Obviously she found that info out by searching; a woman isn't going to search unless their man is giving them a reason to. Mrs. Turks and Caicos Thing is a woman scorned so at this point anyone's "Pepperoni" is fair game and if "Ginufine" gave her the opportunity to get out them "Jeans," I'm quite sure she would've rode that "Pony"!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On behalf of all of the staff here at the Keyboard Khronicles, we would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day! This holiday (yes, I too consider and celebrate it as a Holiday and have taken off from work in accordance) always reminds me of my personal favorite snack....LUCKY CHARMS!! You can eat them with Skim, Fat, 2%, Whole, Soy or Chocolate Milk, creating a variety of tastes or simply eat them dry (Like Thickums). 

Anyway you choose, Lucky Charms are a great nutritious, healthy, low-sugar, wholesome start to any day! 

**Sluurrrrrpping my Milk** ENJOY! "They're Magically Delicious.."

Mike Who???

You know, I've actually been wondering where Mike Tyson has been hiding at. I mean, I'm scared of him, so I need to know where his crazy, Debo'n, ear lobe-snacking, lisping bee-lack azz is so I can run. LOL! Anywho, there was a small buzz about him for a couple of months last year. *Remember when we saw Jamie Foxx running around with that damn face tattoo, supposedly for a role where he would portray "Iron Mike"?* Well, I saw this preview for a documentary titled "Tyson" detailing his life and thought it was really interesting. It's Mike in his own words and giving up the goods on errythang, from his marriage to Robin Givens and how he fell from his $300 million (I say got d@mn!) boxing empire.

This year's Sundance Festival and oodles of other venues gave it raving reviews, so keep an eye out for it, coming out April 24th, 2009!

On the Corner of 1st and Love

THE MEDIA SCOOP: Remember this guy? Your elected VP? Well, you dont act like you do! Hell after Obama won, u went back to work, school and home and forgot about our Senior experienced senator and next in line at the Black White House! Well according to CNN, Joe Biden's 91 year-old mother was rushed to the hospital yesterday after supposedly falling at her home in Delaware. She was taken to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and is currently receiving treatment! Umm hmm...

THE REAL SCOOP: This heffa is smart! I see where her son gets it. Lets back track for a minute. Remember when you heard reports of President Obama moving in his 71 year-old Mother-in-Law into the White House after the Inauguration? Well, it seems as though Mother Biden was not having it. She waited until all the drama and excitement died down and then decided that she would pull a fast one. All VP's, since 1977, have layed their heads in the Admiral's House, this ole' dope @ss 3-story brick Victorian style home, located "down the street and around the corner" from the White House. So REAL TALK, Joe better watch out before Jill people's come out the wood-work talking 'bout they need somewhere to stay. I'm just sayin...

In a Perfect World

          She might be two years behind her original release date, but Keri-Lynn Hilson is strapped with a sleu of ecletic, beat-knocking bangers that makes her debut album, In a Perfect World, well worth the wait. "It's my way of saying nothing in the world is perfect and no one person in it is either," says Hilson. As a member of the infamous and elite group of songwriters and producers, known as The Clutch, Keri is finally able to showcase her talent in front of the mic with hits such as Return the Favor and Slow Dance (a KK favorite featured here on the site). 
          Early last summer she released her first single, Energy, and has recently been burning up radios across the country with Turnin' Me On and any of the 3 remixes in circulation, which include Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes, T.I., and T-Pain. Her album drops next Tuesday, March 24th.

Wanna Be On Top?

Uh oh! Looks like there was a model stampede during today's tryouts in New York for the CW's "America's Next Top Nobody Model." According to Police reports, 3 suspects were arrested for unknown reasons and they have yet to say what really triggered the chaos. Now, I heard that the 3 suspects had rolled up to the auditions in a car, pulled up in front of the lines and yelled "Car Bomb," causing the 3000+ crowd to go nuts and trample 6 potential models. And they did it just for sh*ts and giggles!

Now ain't that an effed up way to get to the front of the line??? I'd see if they thought that they were missing out on a huge opportunity, but really, what ANTM winner have you really seen actually doing good current work? **CRICKETS** Precisely, because Danielle (Season 6 winner) doing modeling for Lane Bryant is NOT what top model dreams are made just ain't. LOL!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ANTM Cycle 12 broadcasts on Wednesdays on the CW; check your local listings for times.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"So what you think they all mad at me for..."

It just got serious! Beyonce upgrades the April 2009 cover of VOGUE; one of the largest fashion and lifestyle magazines in the WORLD (published in 18 countries). The pics below are from her spread in the Italian Edition of VOGUE...

Beyonce is currently tightening up the loose ends for her year-long World Tour with dates scheduled to start in Canada and also hit the U.K., Ethiopia, Japan and Brazil with a stint in the U.S. this summer.

She has also just finished two new music videos (Broken-Hearted Girl and Ego) from her double-disc album I AM...SASHA FIERCE and plans to release them soon.

Bey also graces the cover of the March issue of L.A. Confidential and the April 2009 issue of Ebony.

I'll let you know when the tix go on Pre-Sale because I AM going to this concert! Time to get it right ladies...Remember your New Year's Resolutions...Let's make it happen!

"...I told you gimme a minute and I'd be right back"