Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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For most of us, a basic makeup regiment includes a few swipes of a good mascara because we all know, there's nothing more perfect than a girl with a lovely set of lashes to bat! With this in mind, I had high hopes for trying Cover Girl's new Waterproof Lash Blast. I adore the regular formula, so I just assumed that this would be even better. But would it pass my rigorous 2-Step test??

1) Low Clumping.

A light coat gets the job done with minimal clumping. You certainly can layer this mascara (I do about 2-3 coats) on for a higher impact look, but be ready with an eyelash comb to combat some clumps. But nothing too out of control cause there's nothing I hate more than having a lash with excess residue. Bleh!

2)Minimal Smearing.

In terms of smearing and smudging, this mascara also gave me a strong performance. I noticed slight under-eye smudging but that was after wearing the product for over 6 hours. Which is still a bang-up job for mascara in a sweltering club setting. And the eyes were still on point!

So did this new formula deliver?

And DID! With CG Waterproof Lash Blast, I got jet-black, perfectly popping lashes that gave me a great curl all day long! While this product offers very good length, it is also truly volumizing mascara that does a great job of plumping up that lash!

Overall, I think CG’s Waterproof Lash Blast is a top drugstore performer and I’ve given it a loving new permanent home in my makeup kit and 2-Acrylic nails UP! If you’re looking for a more dramatic, heavy-lash look and a great price, I highly recommend this mascara. But a word to the wise: this mascara is for those that want the BOLD look! I usually use this as an alternative to wearing false eyelashes, so expect high drama eyes. I do not recommended for a daytime look, unless you like strolling around looking like your hitting the club all the day long, which is a no-go! This product goes for about $8 and can be found in your local Wal-Mart, Target and other retail stores.

(singing," Easy, Breezy beautiful E. S. Elle...") 

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