Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preview Pics from 1KK - Oct 2008

Inside scoop: Our first annual Keyboard Khronicles Convention (1kk) was held in Atlanta, Georgia last October. We won't be displaying most of the pictures for a while due to some legal ramifications we aren't at liberty to discuss (we were clearly sporting trends that hadn't yet been released to magazine showrooms and fashion runways, much less the public - basically, we ate ATL's @ss all the way up with our fashions - more to come on that lately) sooo, we've decided to still preview some photos that showcase some of the things we did, including the fine dining we indulged in! This first photo (located up above) was our first dining experience at the lovely Waffle House @ Lindberg Station. We broke that table right up with all different types of Wafffles (Pecan to Blueberry), eggs, grits, toast, "snausages," bacon, ham, Sweet Teas and the whole nine. That was one good time!
This next photo (to your left) was our lunch (slash) dining experience at the beautiful Gladys Knight's & Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles! This was an extremely great dining experience as well from the waiting outside on Peachtree to the wait staff and the great food! 

For more info on either of these restaurants, visit their web pages (Waffle House & Glady's Knights Chicken and Waffles) and make sure to visit these spots if you happen to be in the ATL area. Stay tuned for more preview pics from (1kk)!

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