Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now put ya lighters up...

Bedstuy's own Kimberly Jones graced TVs across America last night as she, a long with requested dance partner extraordinaire Derek Hough, broke it up to "Nasty Girls" ... The Queen had stated earlier to press that during her stint of about 10 months at a Philadelphia Detention Center, she and her former inmates all had to agree on what they would watch on TV. "We loved watching Dancing with the Stars and we were tuned in every week...They always used to tell me I should be on it and that I would fit right in." Well, I'm not sure how much she fits in, although I can say that it doesn't seem like shes had to alter her daily wardrobe in any way to accustom the dance shows custom-made costumes. 

My only question is, with all that NIP/TUCK she's undergone, will her inmates be able to notice Inmate #98459734530 Kimberly Jones???

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