Thursday, April 30, 2009

UPDATE:: Soooooooooo anxious.....

Surprise Surprise...looks as though Ginuwine is a faithful man, and is too "TURNT" off by Ms. LisaRaye and her antics!! The above song is supposedly dedicated to Ms. Newly Single because it has been alleged that she is the one who started the rumors about her and Mr. "Pony". In a previous interview with Jamie Brown of Sister 2 Sister; Ginuwine denied these allegations. has also reported that Lisa and Ginuwine had a recent phone conversation, and she asked him what he thought of the allegations...he was quite perturbed to say the least because it left a nasty taste in Mrs. Ginuwine's (Sole') mouth!! I don't know what to believe but I tell you one thing; do on to others as you want done on to you...and take a trip down memory lane LisaRaye because if my memory serves me correctly "Diamond" your man was snatched from you from that skinny Latin hoe Rocsi from 106&Park!! Where's ya Focus... because as sure as my fries are salted I would be worrying about my own man, and relationship (or lack there of) instead of trying to ruin someone else love connection?!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Feels like I've been waiting a "Lifetime"!

So I'm having a bit of an insomniac night (so mad I'm up at 3:30 am!!), but upon perusing the web, I came across a new video for my man Maxwell!!!! I don't know bout you, but ever since I saw him blow up the spot on Al Green's tribute on the '08 BET Awards, I've been oh SO anxious for his CD to come out!!!! Well, it seems he finna satisfy me with THREE new Cd's. *angels trumpets play* Yes you heard right, the Black Summer's Night trilogy will be released over the next 3 years. His 1st installment, Black, will be in stores July 7Th and you know Miss Elle will be purchasing that!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the review!!!! Press HERE for more on MAXWELL!

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 30, 2009

"Make your service of love a beautiful thing; want nothing else, fear nothing else and let love be free to become what love truly is."

Hadewijch of Antwerp

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PUSH IT Real Good!

        Ahoy there KK'ers. So I guess I was pulling because I didn't know N T thing about "Pushing" it. What made me go out and purchase this book and read it was when I went to the theatres to see "Madea Goes to Jail" it was during the previews that this novel peeked my interest. Yes previews because this booked has now been turned into a motion picture and is the winner of the Dramatic Grand Jury and Audience Award Prizes for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. So it was only right that I read the book because the trailer already grabbed my attention, and I want to get er'thang from the book that the movie may or may not miss!

         Push: Precious Jones, and illiterate sixteen-year old, has up until now been invisible: invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the authorities who dismiss her as just one more of Harlem's casualties. But when Precious, pregnant with a second child by her father, meets a determined and highly radical teacher, we follow her on a journey of education and enlightenment as Precious learns not only how to write about her life, but how to make it her own for the first time.

         Now, who wouldn't want to read that?!!! A definite page turner and must read!! I finished this novel in no time...I must say it became difficult to read at times due to the content and style its written in (illiterate point of view) but once you got the gist of it the words just start to flow, Sapphire does provide captions in the hard to read places! After reading the book it actually makes me want to see the movie which is actually titled Precious (to avoid any comparison or confusion with the action movie Push) even more because it will be very interesting to see how each character is portrayed and how they turn very imperative parts in the book into art on film. Precious is slated to hit the big screen November 6, 2009, and is being backed by two the biggest powerhouses in the industry Oprah and Tyler (you know you big when you can be recognized on first name basis alone)!!! The lead role of Precious is played by Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe and some familiar faces also grace the screen Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd and Mo'Nique (who plays Precious's mother) all in all lets just say 11/6/09 is locked into my day planner!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Part 4

"Do you see that they electronically fatten you up?" C'Mon stare down and sinister smile to the camera!!! I LIVE...KK if ya'll ain't gettin' life I d*mn sure am!! I couldn't have picked a better journalist to cover this interview...because CLEARLY this CLEAR isn't phased by Mrs. Bobby Brown or her status, and is asking ALL the need to know questions!!!

Your Source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth!!

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365 Days of Love: April 29, 2009

"We know it so well, we've embraced it heart and soul, this love that comes from God. God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us."

1 John 4:16 MSG

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Miami's Official Pride for the Ladies is right around the corner and it's time to make moves! This year, not only will the sun be out and shining as it was last year, the SweetHeat team has a full schedule that is sure to congregate the most beautiful, intelligent and soulful women from all parts of the globe. This fun-filled weekend isn't only about fun in the sun and delight in the night; SweetHeat promises to bring a community of women together with common interest of networking and socializing from all ethnicities, cultures and regional backgrounds, promoting the strength, health and visibility of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. The Gearing up for it's 2nd year, Miami is sure to welcome all the lovely ladies on deck to help host events and celebrate including UNIQUE from VH1's Love of RayJ, ANEESA from MTV's The Real World and special guest appearances by a variety of musical groups and artists including a KK favorite, FIONA SIMONE! Being one of the very few well-known Prides for women, you have none other than DJ DIMPLES to thank, Miami's Queen of the Turntables, the creator of this event! For more information, visit the SWEETHEAT Website and contact them soon about travel arrangements and VIP Access! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who in the Hell left the Gate Open: Celeb-reality Edition

I want you to turn to your neighbor, and tell them God loves you and I do too!

Yeah Bey, Talk Your Shhh...

Seems we aren't the only ones that love Beyonce! But, just in case any of you didn't know what the hell Sasha and her Fierce ass was talking about, Clutch magazine has taken the initiative to break down her lyrics in layman's terms. Here are just a few:

From Ego:
I got every reason to feel like I’m that bitch.”
- Listen baby, there’s a million women in the universe, but they’re rotating around me at the center. Catch me on the cover of Vogue, or visit and check into my credentials.

From Diva:
    “Where yo boss at?
- I’m bilingual in mucho dinero and if you aren’t fluent in Mr. Benjamin, then I’d like to speak to someone who is. So I’m gon’ ask you again, where’s your boss at?

From Video Phone:
 “Everything you saying sounding good to me, no need to convince me anymore.”
- Persistence is key, but Boo “You had me at hello.”

For the complete list of "Sasha Fiercesisms," click here!

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 28, 2009

"Love puts the fun in together....the sad in apart....the hope in tomorrow...the joy in a heart."


Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recession: I can do that too...

Let's give a round of applause as we welcome to the small screen two very sensational musicians with the best voices around as they debut their very own reality shows: Mrs. Mary J. Blige and Mrs. Monica. BET has moved these two celebrities on the reality bandwagon! Coming this fall to BET's niddle 30 minute blocks will be, Monica's "Still Standing," (love that song by the way), along with Mary's "Hollywood Treatment."

Rumor has it that Fantasia will also be having a reality show. I just don't have any info on it... NC stand up... but, we here at KK will try to keep you posted on that!

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 27, 2008

"The human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return."

Maria Edgeworth

Your source D'Maine truth and nothing but the truth.

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Part 3

"Annnnnnnnd they also share the notoriety of his drug use" C'Mon Diane!!! "Are you a diagnosed Bi-Polar?" LMMFAO...I can't breathe I'm DWL over here!! This interview is sooooooooo d*mn funny!!! Crackheads have the most creative excuses "I tested for a cocaine-like substance that could be anything" OMG...shut up!! These two are CLASSIC!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

"You think you crazy, I'll show you crazy..."

"You came into my house, you touched my child?"
Yesss! Commence the @ss whoopings!!!! "Bey" showed out in this role honey...Welcome to Hollywood! I was so proud to see her in a leading role where she FINALLY wasn't playing a singer; it showed me a different (true) side of Ms. Knowles!               
     Contrary to what ya'll may think, the best scene wasn't the fight scene between her and "Lisa" (Ali Larter) either! It's when Sharon (Beyonce' Knowles) decides to stop by Derek's (Idris Elba) office to pay him a visit and gets to meet lil' miss temptress for the first time. Bey was throwing sooooo much shade to this woman and I was getting my LIFE! Beyonce said, "I don't curse or fight so this role allowed me to be a different person, and let out some aggression." I personally feel like it all came VERY natural to her; she had no problem embodying being the HBIC (Head B*tch In Charge) and she was just waiting for the opportunity to let er'body know "Sasha Fierce" WASN'T just an alter ego! 
       All in all, this movie definitely deserves two freshly done, slightly-curled, french mani-tipped acrylics up! It gives me all the elements I need: suspense, drama, action, and some sex appeal!! Apparently, I'm not the only one because "Obsessed" opened up at #1 in North America and earned 28.5 Million! Go check it out for yourself and be sure to bring your friends with you. You don't want to end up like me interacting and yelling at the screen screaming "F*ck her up Sasha", and none of your peoples are there to chime in with familiar ignant sayings!!! 

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Treat of the Week (Zodiac Edition)

Z! Well, that's what he goes by! This true Blatino (Cuban father) is a native of Miami but currently resides in Brooklyn New York! While modeling has recently become something of a booty call, the real love in this 25 -yr young Gemini's life is acting! Aspiring would be the wrong wrong title because according to Zeric, "you have to speak it into existence!" Fresh off the set of back to back Enyce Menswear Campaigns, two seasons in a row, I wonder if he still keeps in touch with Kim and KeyCo? Yes, this was dude in the "Let It Go" video from last summer! Visit Z on his myspace and send him a message! He might write back...Lol!

P.S. And yes, that is a real tattoo in his head! I said true Gemini didn't I?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 26, 2009

"Thou art my life, my love, my heart, The very eyes of me: And hast command of every part To live and die for thee."

Robert Herrick

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Pass Me the Kleenex

Sniff, sniff... now, I'm not really big on going to the movies, but I WILL be purchasing this film when it hits DVD. We've all seen the commercials, and it is currently in theaters, but just to remind you KK; from director Joe Wright, The Soloist, starring Jaime Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., tells the remarkable story of an unlikely friendship. between a homeless man and a Los Angeles Times journalist. I absolutely love Jamie's movies (well, not Booty Call, but his serious rolls). He is a great actor and I can sense an Oscar nomination for this one!

For more information on the true story, please visit The Soloist. You can also listen to a sample of the real Mr. Ayers playing the cello. Go check it out!

Feelin The Love: Song of the Week

Avant ft.KeKE Wyatt- My first Love

I love both Avant and Keke... and this song speaks for itself!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dead and Gone

Ok! Sorry for the harsh title (it just fit and was the only thing that came to mind)! Our beloved Bea Arthur passed away this morning at the heavenly age of 86. While "Dorothy" did have Cancer, it is said that she passed peacefully in her sleep. I know a lot of friends who still absolutely adore this show (I just never got into it like that) and Bea will be greatly missed! Rest in Peace! 

I DEPEND on God and Motivation!

But as far as smoking, I LOVE (eyes roll upwards) to smoke! HA, you gotta love him!

Get into this track below! It's from his latest mixtape entitled Wayne's World 4.5 featuring PigeonKing, QuailHunter, ParrotGuy, BirdGatherer Birdman and is on constant rotation on Sir E's iPod!

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Part 2

Laryngitis or Fired??? In the famous words of Jamie Foxx "She's not a crackhead, she just crackish!!" What a HORRIBLE liar she is??? LMAO Whitney is a HAM, but kudos to Diane for keeping her composure and asking the important want to know questions!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 25, 2009

"Life in abundance comes only through great love."

Elbert Hubbard

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Just About Over Being Your Girlfriend

Saturday morning clean up session! On repeat!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Say the Word

Gainsay \gayn-SAY; GAYN-say\, transitive verb:

1. To deny or dispute; to declare false or invalid.
2. To oppose; to contradict.

Gainsay comes from Middle English geinseien, from gein-, "against" (from Old English gegn-, gean-) + sayen, "to say," from Old English secgan.

Used in a sentence: But, owing to government's cynical policy of inaction, suppression and hoping the problem would go away, there was nothing to gainsay it either.
-- Mary Riddell, New Statesman, July 26, 1996

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 24, 2009

"Love is a desire of the whole being to be united to some other being."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Friday's "Fresh Scoop'

Do I have to have a reason to post a beautiful picture? Nuff said!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Part 1

Ahoy there KK'ers I hope ya'll don't mind taking this trip down memory lane with me..this has got to be one of the most funniest, ignant, shameful interviews I have ever witnessed; and still 'til this day I'm gettin' my LIFE!!! Ms. Houston was sho' nuff a HAM!!!

Stay tuned in to KK for parts 2-5.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

I AM...Obsessed!

Hush! You can never have too much!

C'mon I am Sarah Fierce...LMAO!

J to da MUAH!!!

I know I know, I'm late with this review but in my defense I'm not a big fan of Rap. I do own a few albums but I'm not a true hardcore fan. I tend to lean towards the commercial, hip hoppy rap artist but N T who....Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips has released his 3rd album titled "The Last Kiss" (released April 7, 2009), and baybee this album gives me LIFE!! I truly believe in order for a rapper to be successful he needs to appeal to all types of people; first and foremost females, once you grab us then the sky is the limit. He has something on his album for er'body!! 

Conscious songs: "Smoking Gun" featuring Jazmine Sullivan, and "What If" featuring Nas.
Club Bangers: "Who's Real" featuring Swizz Beatz & DJ Da Juiceman, and "Rocking with the Best". 
Also there is a niddle sumthin sumthin for the ladies: "Can't Stop Me" featuring Avanna Irish, "By My Side" featuring Ne-Yo, and "Things I've Been Through" (which has a Luther Vandross sample) 
As well as the hood nuccas: "Something Else" featuring Young Jeezy and "Cartel Gathering" featuring Ghostface Killah & Raekwon

Don't be fooled by all the features though, he is NOT being out shined by any of the big names he has on his album Mr. Phillips definitely holds his own. I feel this album is a definite hit and you will NOT be disappointed if you go and cop it; not only does he give you 14 tracks but he includes 3 Extra Bonus tracks!! With the success I foresee from this album I'm quite sure this won't be "The Last Kiss" we'll receive!! To find out more about Jada and his journey click HERE.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 23, 2009

"Be gentle with one another, sensitive. Forgive one another as quickly and thoroughly as God in Christ forgave you."

Ephesians 4:32 MSG

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful LIAR....

I don't believe it Unt Unt Un... NOT FOR ONE HOT MINUTE!! What do ya'll think?? Please chime in below and or send and email to: Keyboard.Khronicles@gmailcom. *Singing* Hatas they gon' hate...

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Two Tickets Please!

     Another KK favorite has announced her North American Tour! Keyshia Cole has revealed tour dates for her Spring-Summer tour, called “A Different Me” after her third studio album. I can’t wait for this concert because I have been blasting all three albums today! *singing* I changed my mind!!!
      Accompanying KeyCo on the tour, will be Bobby V. and Ms. Keri Baby. The tour starts May 13th in Cincinnati. Click here for complete tour dates. My girl even has a map to get you there!

Speaking of Babies...

There must be something in the water…Oscar winning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson, and fiancĂ©, David Otunga, is reportedly expecting their first child. Sources close to the singer confirmed to Essence Magazine that the Ms. Effie and Punk (still laughing at that name) are delighted about the pregnancy! The couple has plans to wed once Jennifer’s tour with Robin Thicke wraps this summer. KK would like to congratulate Jenn and David on their blessing!

I like the way you do that RIGHT THURR....?!?

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...C'Mon Chingaling on the Dingaling!! SMH...I guess he found out what was in "Dem Jeans" one night at the "Holidae In" !!!! D*mn shim went in hard on Chingy. OH boi if this is true his career is over, well wait a min it already is over, but I guess we can't foresee a comeback with this surfacing.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

We gettin' Arab Money.....

There has been a lot of controversy going on recently about Rubina Ali, the pint sized child star from the Oscar Award winning movie, Slumdog millionaire. First a British reporter revealed that Rubina’s father tried to sell her for $400,000 which the father denied and now her mother and stepmother get into a brawl in Mumbai. I personally didn't watch the movie (sumthin' about a bunch of Middle Easterners dancing and sangin' just reminded me of the 3rd Cheetah Girls installment, and I so wasn't around for it) but apparently I just may have to put my differences aside and tune in. This niddle hoe must have did a stellar job if she got grown a*s men and woman acting a fool. Sidebar: I know my nose will be turned up the ENTIRE time I'm watching...them people and they hygiene just don't sit well with me, so I can only imagine the aroma was heightened due to all the sangin' and dancing!! *Gasping* Either way talk about trying to monopolize on your pickney...SMH.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 22, 2009

"Our sweetest experiences of affection are meant to point us to that realm which is the real endless home of the heart."

Henry Ward Beecher

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Recession: Desperate Times call for...

What you can't say:
1)She didn't hit every mutha'effing beat and that wind wasn't as smooth as a good glass of wine.
2)That u secretly always wanted a tattoo somewhere on your backside as well.
3)That you don't throw on a fake lash from time to time for a more voluminous effect!
4)That you never heard of "Bring You Child to Work" day!
5)That all of your bras have a matching panty...DON'T LIE! I said ALL!
6)That her abs didn't make a slight appearance!

and finally, u know damn well after watching that clip, that song grew on you (lemme know if you know who sings it and the name of it)! LMAO**"nobody's gonna do it like me..."**

Congrats Mama Jilly!!!!

I hear a hip, hip hip hooray is in order for my fav songstress Jill Scott and her fiance drummer Lil John Roberts!!! According to, lil baby boy Roberts was born on April 20th, weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz & 20 inches long. Also, momma and baby are doing fine. Aww, I know the niddle baby is probably sooo ka-yute!! Can't wait to see the flicks!

Now I just need to see when my wedding invitation comes in the mail so that the clan can be complete!

From one mother to another, enjoy your blessing Jill!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And I am Tellin You!

Now looky here at my 2 favorite A.I. gals Jenny & Fanny. Oooh they were sanginn!!!! Sometimes they both can get a lil "extra", but you gotta love it! And might I add they are looking FAB! This vid was taken a few days ago in ATL during the J-Hud/Robin Thicke concert with the girls singing "I'm His Only Woman" off J-Hud's CD. Umm, I shole wish dude taking the video would STFU!!! LOL!

For more info on when the concert will be in a city near you, click HERE to see the official website.

Open Pandora's Box

KK’ers if you have not yet taken the risk of opening Pandora’s box, it's about that time! I had a dentist appointment yesterday and as the dental assistant was giving my Colgate's a "thorough and routine" cleanTing, she was simultaneously getting her jam on! As I glanced to her computer screen to see where in THE hell this source of music was coming from, I saw PANDORA (a website dedicated to playing only music YOU love)! As a government employee, I could have sworn sites like these were blocked, but I ain't complainin'!

The Skinny: Type in your artist’s name and it plays that genre of music for hours!!! I was doing a mean two step behind my desk!! Not only does it play today’s hits but with a click of the next button, it will shuffle to the old school jams right on in! You gotta love it!

You can create an account, which allows you the privilege of creating your own stations, or you can just search by artist. And for my fellow "gubment" employees, I suggest you Google PANDORA instead of typing her link directly into the browser <-for some reason, they haven’t gotten around that, yet but until they do, easy listening!

Word on the Street

Keeping ourselves and our fellow KK'ers educated is very important to me(and you can clearly see where I got the idea from)! With that being said ,the word of the day is:

Peccadillo \peck-uh-DIL-oh\, noun: A slight offense; a petty fault.

Peccadillo comes from Spanish pecadillo, "little sin," diminutive of pecado, "sin," from Latin peccatum, from peccare, "to make a mistake, to err, to sin." It is related to impeccable, "without flaw or fault."

Used in a sentence: "Don't judge unless you be judged, besides, everybody has their peccadilloes."

Shake Ya Bum Bum....

I must admit I haven't been following this show like I said I would but this clip just solidified why I should tune in more often. Lil'Kim ain't playing!! She did that, and WELL might I add!! Also, she is looking great as well her face and make-up isn't all distorted and crazy looking. But for some reason when she isn't rapping or in the "hood" Kimberly appears and "Lil' Kim" is non-existent!! Either way I ain't mad at ya thing ma, and go for the victorious, NOTORIOUS win!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 21, 2009

"Come live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dale and field, And all the craggy mountains yield. There will we sit upon the rocks And see the shepherds feed their flocks, By shallow rivers, to whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals."

Christopher Marlowe

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Th-th-that that don't kill me, can only make me STRONGER....

Hey there KK' yesterday I was chillaxin after a day of Sunday cleaning and cooking. I nestled into my pillow top mattress to find me some good good movies to watch...lo and behold I ended up tuned into Lifetime Movie Network. The first movie I watched was the Natalee Holloway story which was a world premiere for the network, it was a very heartwarming and moving story of a teenage girl who vanished while vacationing in Aruba. The movie, is about a mother's search for truth and justice, is based on the book, Loving Natalee: A Mother's Testament of Hope and Faith, by Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway.....

the 2nd movie that came on right after was "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story". This movie wasn't new to the network but was new to me it premiered back in August/08. C'Mon Mothers intuition!!...

Get into both these movies and they background stories, very touching and emotional.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

"God Devil in Me" by Mary Mary....Iunno bout ya'll but this cut sounds a bit secular if you ask me. I had my TV tuned into VH1 Soul and was cleaning up, I heard the music come on and started to do a nasty two step around the bedroom then I caught wind of the words and had to second guess whether or not I should continue dancing or partake in a ignant hand clapping session!! This is Kirk Franklin times 100...I must say when it comes to Gospel music I rather the traditional stuff I'm not a fan of the Gospel Rap and what not...either way the song is nice, and I love the video concept but "Gospel Music" you be the judge....

Daily Dose....

365 Days of Love: April 20, 2009

"There is an exquisite melody in every heart. If we listen closely, we can hear each other's song."


Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Chucktastic Cinemas presents: Plies TV Baaaaaybe! the proper word for this monstrosity Plies!! Never in all my days did I imagine that one I would see a midget stripping and two have it glorified by a "rapper" on his own television show!! I must say though it peeked my interest...I don't know why us as black folks don't mind watching other black folks make a complete fool out of themselves and our race on the Internet and/or TV. Either way its entertainment and keeps me putting fingers to keys!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling the Love: Song of the Week

Okay, okay, I was on official KK business last week and I apologize for skipping last week's song, but I think you'll love this one...

So, I'm blasting The Love Experience for my Sunday morning clean up session, why wouldn't I choose, my boo, Raheem DeVaughn? Now, I'm sure you were thinking, "oh it's probably just gonna be You or Guess Who Loves You More" but nope, Is It Possible, is your official KK Love Song of the Week...

"4 Peas in my iPod" :: Boom Boom Pow

Who: Black Eyed Peas
What: First Single, Boom Boom Pow
When: Album, The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) slated to drop June 9th!
Where: Worldwide
Why: Cause you gotta get that, BOOM BOOM BOOOOOM!

Get into my play cousin, and his new cut (a layered effect)! See, he must've read my previous post on Reducing your Length in Stages!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

American Violet in theaters NOW!

This is definitely a MUST SEE! Check your local listings or to see when it's playing in your town! People, let's WAKE UP! Be informed about what is going on in our community!


So, it's like 4:15 am and my iPod is going OFF giving me a Danity Kane medley for some reason or another, both albums (even though it's supposedly shuffling over 1700 songs)! I realize that I have missed the Season Finale of MTB4 due to my strenuous work schedule (and my prediction that the final show wouldn't fulfill my dreams and bring all 5 original members back together and start work on their third studio release; reaching for the stars? I know) and haven't found time to watch it! Then I find this clip! UGH! I am teary-eyed watching it bc DK is a part of my life; hell, I LOVE these girls! Both of their albums hold special times in history for me. I can just remember playing their CD's sooo much and so many fun times I had blasting DK in the back. It is unfortunate because I really believe that these 5 girls were very talented and had a very unique place within the music industry! I must give my respects to Puffy bc honestly, when he picked them, I didn't see it! I wanted my girl Diamond ( I think that was her name, the thick girl with the great voice) to be in the group. None the less, D, Aubrey, Andrea, Shannon and Dawn became and embodied DANITY KANE and this group has a place in my heart that will only be filled with their reunion album or something equivalent. I hate that this happened to them and it really saddens me. Let's take a moment of silence for DANITY KANE!

LV Lckd DWN!

(Kanye West + Amber Rose) x Steve Shaw = Louis Vuitton

"Kiss" me thru the phooooone!

Fashion forward Divas of today know NOT to leave their homes without the lip gloss! Your lips just have to be poppin'!! We even have a trademark song by Lil' Mama (Lip Gloss) letting men and women of the world know the dynamics of the lip gloss. But at what cost?? People tend to think the "better" the brand or the more expensive the product the better quality. ANT ANT AN...WRONG!! I personally am in love with the "Liquid Lip Smacker" by The Bonne Bell Company. This small in-expensive gloss currently comes in 8 different flavors and retails at about $2.75!! What makes this gloss a hit in my book is that not only does it glides on smooth, it gives me that wet, glossy, chicken grease (LOL) look I like without the white cruddy build up in the corner of my mouth, all the while smelling delicious!! Contrary to what you may think this delightful niddle gloss also is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe. My favorite glosses thus far are: Pina Colada, Vanilla, and Cotton Candy. Which one do you like??? For additional flavors and/or to make a purchase check out the website.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

KKNTM: ATLien MiChelle James

      I likes to see a female who doesn't simply rely on her looks to get her to the top because at the end of the day, you gone need something to back up that face and body! Apparently MiChelle understands this philosophy as well. A recent graduate from the Clark-Atlanta University's School of Business Administration (Marketing), Miss James is currently pursuing various ventures within the modeling industry. But don't get it twisted; you can find this INDEPENDENT young lady overseeing the Guest Service Department at the beautiful Granada Suites Hotel located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta's thriving Arts District.
      Recently, MiChelle finished up a solo shoot (pictured above) with the infamous and talented photographer, Derek Blanks (whose clients range from Beyonce and Usher to Sanaa Lathan
and Boris Kodjoe). While MiChelle may be a bit short for the runways of Milan (she currently registers at 5'5), this pic to the right tells me that home girl is definitely a shoe in for the girl on a "Dark and Lovely" box, ALL DAY (cause those tresses are taking me higher)! This young woman is beautiful inside and out and is pursuing her dreams while being logical and preparing herself for the world who is all too flooded with pretty girls with next to nothing else. Miss James has her head screwed on tight, a plan and is making her way slowly but surely! She definitely gets two well-manicured thumbs up from KK! Make sure you check out Michelle James on her Facebook for more pics!

Monday, April 13, 2009

On Next Friday: April 24th

KK Poetry Lounge presents: Erykah Badu

This is truly one of the dopest performances that I have ever seen! I LOVE this! One time for E.B. (C'mon brought her own props too; get into the cut-up poster boards)!

Long live the KING!

The last official publication of KING Magazine hit stores earlier last week (that's right, KING has officially closed their doors) with a dual cover adorning my baby momma (KeyCo) on one and Joe Budden's baby momma, T on the other (she gotta donk)! Go cop that last issue while supplies last! 

Long hair, don't care - ANYMORE?

Seems as though the springtime is bringing about some changes! People are starting to let go of old habits and trends. I for one, like to keep things the same. I am a stickler for a routine and a certain normalcy or regularity, but hell, I'm about as anal and OCD as they come so don't mind me! I recently got a call from one of my life long friends asking me if he should cut his hair (his hair has been a niddle longer than shoulder length since I met him). Spring is upon us and everyone knows that Summer is making her way down the street, so with the heat about to rise up, there's no better time than now! But before you do decide to get rid of the braids and turn in the ponytail for a Caesar, Sir E has a few tips to help make the transition easier! 

1) Don't go from long to short immediately! Be "ADVANTAGEOUS!" This transition is a great time to try out some new styles that may require some hair! So start out by cutting about 1/3 of your hair off; try twists, short dreds or even a curly fade! U never know, you might find your look...

2) Please make sure that your line up is done correctly! One of the most important things, especially for a man of color, is to have a sharp line up (Line up = Edge, Tape, etc depending on your region). This is imperative if you decide to cut off your hair because once people see you, this is the next thing that they will look at (the first will be your bald @ss head!)

3) Make sure that you start to get rid of the dandruff about a month before you cut the mane! I mean, dandruff may not be as noticeable under some well-maintained hair, but believe you ME, when you get that egg-PEALED, all of that Arm & Hammer will show up (AND WILL)! I recommend Pantene Pro-V's Conditioner for W.O.C. (still wishing they will change that title to People of Color) in the brown bottle to help with that! Please don't be in the barber's chair making it rain, cause who ever is next will have to request a thorough cleansing of those clippers!

If you follow these steps, you should be good to go! Personally, I have been thinking about switching it up myself for the summer! I ain't mad at "Bentley's New Do" either!


SouljaBoyTellEm:  - Reppin for my Leo's baby! - 2hrs ago
LudaJuice: Fuck that it's cloudy and bad weather in Atl. I'm staying in Mia another day. I can get work done anywhere. - Earlier today

A painted MUG gathers no HATERS!

And that wonderful aroma would be the Coastal Scents website! This makeup site I personally love for getting my experiment on for cheap. They have sooo many colors and finishes that you can have a field day on there. If you love eye shadow color, but don't wanna spend a c-note on expensive azz brands *cough*MAC*cough*, I recommend the 88 eyeshadow palette.

It has just bout every shade known to man and is more convenient than having to buy 88 dang colors separately. I love "playing" in the palette cause I can let loose and a have a chance to create tons of color combinations and looks. (Some looks don't make it out the house but hey, I was having fun. LOL!) And the best part honey, it only runs you $21.95!! Even Chris Brown couldn't beat that! Pissed! I paid $40 for mine a year ago. Clearly I didn't get the memo of the falling prices. Boo! But a word to the wise: the shadow can have a high fallout (fallout=shadow that "falls" off lids easy, thus color fades) so make sure you prep the eye area with a good primer. (Miss Elle uses Urban Decay Primer Potion. Love it!) But anywho, the Coastal Scents site gets 2 freshly filled Acrylics up! Check out the site and all the good deals they have for their different makeup items. Tell us what you think of it!

Chucktastic Cinemas presents: Don't Pull It!

...'cuz my girl definitely was about to PUSH!!! Did you see the inner "G" come out of her?? girl was fresh from the club with an ill hangover...and expeditiously got sober!! She pulled off the coat, and started stretching baybee she was RET to Go!! What would you do in that situation?? Contact us at or leave a comment below.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Treat of the Week (Flipmode)

Yes, I've been discriminating on the Treats of the Week. My bad for only posting eye candy of the male persuasion, ya'll gotta be on me. But here folks is our first featured lady! Here at KK, we boast an array of some of the best thick, fine women. So we can appreciate when a fellow thick gal is on her grind! Toccara Jones is definitely an A+ caliber woman in all ways (no homo) & I can not even hate the girl, she is fantabulous! Makes me think I can pull off a pic with my panty draws on. *runs to put camera on self timer*
Miss T has also been successfully busy with her modeling hustle. Back in July 2008, she helped make history while being featured in Italian Vogue's first "All Black Issue" and KILT it!!! Nothing but pure admiration for her. In the words of one of my favorite selections: Get it b!tch!!!!!

Please submit any suggestions for Treat of the Week to

This Week's Stranger :: One-Hit Wonder

Jerome Woods A.K.A. Rome went platinum and gold with this hit back in '97 "I Belong to you" was off his self titled debut album Rome. This "stranger" may not be a stranger N T more word on the streets is he is slated for a come back. Sixteen new tracks have been recorded but no release date has been set. Do ya'll think he can make it? *yells* HELL TO THE NAW!! My only question is WHERE ARE YOU NOW?? For the latest on this R&B crooner checkout his MySpace!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

President's "PROGRESS" Report

Yes they can! The Republicans Haters are at it again. Yes they can (appear so desperate). In their latest attempt to ridicule our President, MSNBC has created an online poll for you to vote or "grade" our new president on his job thus far. Mind you, it has not even been 100 days yet and they are already trying to do him in. This man told you all, before you elected him, that it would get worse before it got better! Everyone keeps forgetting this! No one person can change the state of our economy, especially within 3 months, without the help of all the people (which President Obama has yet to receive)! Either way, I think that he is implementing policies and making decisions that will bring us back on track and prepare us for a better future! I gave him an "A" - Click in your vote HERE so that our voices are still heard!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

KK Poetry Lounge: The Premeire

*sets scene: jazzy, smokey lounge filled with an array of eclectic patrons soaking up the vibes in the atmosphere...aka the Sanctuary club from the "Love Jones" set*
I loves me a good poetry slam, so I wanna share with ya'll one of my favorite current poets. OK KK, put on your berets and allow your minds to be transformed to receive the musings of Thea Moynee...**snap snap snap**

Check out more works of Thea Monyee at her MySpace page or Youtube. Also, if you have any poets that you want to showcase on the site, feel free to email us at

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Lost One" Found???

Do my effin eyes deceive me??!?!?! According to Sister to Sister, former Fugee Lauryn Hill is slated to perform at the 43rd annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland this coming July. OMG!!! Lauryn, is it so?!? I've prayed that she would get it together and put out some jams that would make up for the monstrosity of that damn Unplugged CD. Bleh.*raises hand* Ok, so a few questions. 1) Where the hell she been?!?! That damn Marley boy done got her barefoot and nekked somewhere locked up mentally & physically with all them kids. Please release my L Boogie permanently so that the universe can be balanced again! 2) Why the hell she gotta go all the way to Switzerland to come back on the scene? Is that a warning that she's not quite up to par yet? I really need my girl to come back swangin! "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" LP is in constant rotation on the Ipod and I want those glory days back! With that said, I'm really fearful ya'll cause I have visions she just might come out on the stage looking like this:And sounding like straight, freshly pasteurized boo boo. Scaring all them Swiss folks and make me shake my head oh so sadly. Well, we shall see how this goes!

Peep out the Montreux Jazz Festival's website for more info and stuff for the upcoming concert.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Murda Mami ft. Rick Ross

Rumored to be engaged, this HOT NEW UNRELEASED track may be the answer to a question many have been speculating on: Mr. 305 & Mrs. Boogie Down BX??? You be the judge!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now Watch Me 2-Step!

The 1st day of summer officially begins on June 21, 2009 at 1:45 AM EDT. But apparently some people especially women didn't get that memo and are beginning to wear sandals prematurely. Wearing sandals really isn't the issue but if your feet even slightly resembles the atrocity pictured above you are DEAD A*S WRONG!! If you are going to wear sandals at least take the time to make sure your feet are up to par! I personally get my feet done year round, I'm not a fan of feet period! So with that in mind I want to ensure mine are on point. I see a lot of women just paint their toes and forget about that skin! It's been sheltered, hibernating alllllll winter long..what makes you think it doesn't need any hydration and lubrication. Are you SSSSSSSSERIOUS??? To ensure you won't have "The Heels of Time" here are a few steps that I "walk" by.

1. Pedicures year round. (If you can't afford to visit a nail salon do it yourself)

2. Never walk outside barefoot! (Cement is rough it will tear your skin right on up)

3. Lube Lube Lube (Lotion alone does not work I either use lotion combined with baby oil, or Vaseline)

So, whether your rockin' a pair of Old Navy's finest 2 for $5 flip flops or the hottest pair or "Gladiator" flats make sure your "dogs" are on point and ain't "barking"!!!

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KK's Backstage Pass: AF-1 Spring Tour

Seems as though Britney Spears and Beyonce aren't the only ones heading off successful tours this spring! Finally back from his first overseas visit (accompanied by First Lady Michelle), President Barack Obama may not have been able to dot all his I's and cross all T's intended, but the mission of turning the U.S. public opinion around was more than achieved. 

During both the NATO, EU and G-20 summits, President Obama was was able to get the last minute consensus of both the French and Chinese presidents over tax havens and financial regulations, while the Obama administration's Afghanistan review quickly became the center of attention. 

In Strasbourg, France, the President held a campaign-style town hall meeting! His main concern here was closing Guantanamo Bay Prison declaring, "America does not torture!"

In Prague, Czech Republic, thousands showed up to hear his big nuclear policy speech, waving and cheering him on all the way.

Certainly, one of the most cheerful times of this visit was when Obama was surrounded by the respect and admiration of Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and Russia's Dmitry Medvedev (pictured below).

President Obama's last stop was in Turkey, where his message was clear: "America is forging a new path to the Muslim world based on mutual respect and dignity, and that the old paradigm where all America's relationships were shaped by the "war on terror" is over...

All in all, I would say that his trip was a success and has put America back on track to being the dominant power-player that we once were but more importantly, garnering the respect of our nation.