Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too Close for Comfort

Ummmmmm er rah..."ain't no such things as half way crooks...they scared and shooked" is an understatement. This movie premieres on March 27th in theatres everywhere. This horror/thriller filmed allegedly is based on a true story of a Southington, CT family. The Snedeker's paranormal encounters took place when they moved to the home to be closer the the clinic where their son was partaking in treatment for cancer. The family begins experiencing violent, supernatural events that the parents first blame on stress from the illness, but they later discover that their new home is a former mortuary with a dark past. Now is it just me, or does the YT's tend to ALWAYS get themselves into these sichiations?? Imma need ya'll to do a niddle research before you just up and move your family into a home...and the 1st sign of something going wrong you don't stay and try to work it out..you pack up and move ship! DA DUH!!! I'll be sure to attend my local movie theatres this weekend and tell you what I think.

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