Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Torn in between the Two...

...because I really wanna like you. But ummmmmmmmmmmm I'm not sure about this song and/or video. I feel like I don't wanna here this song ANYMORE. This is your second time around as a solo should be a niddle bit more seasoned in the game. We all know my girl Bey is holding it down and can't NO ONE touch her but you can at least give it the ole' College try. The concept of the video was tired and played...been there seen that MOVING ONNNNNNNNN NEXT!! And the song lacks the pizazz, it just annoys me how the the chorus is sooooo repetitive. I'm giving this 2 gel acrylics DOWN. Hopefully she'll have a hit on her hands with the release of Mims second single "Love Rollercoaster" which features Ms. Luckett; and she can ride his coat tail for a while...I mean being a back-up singer oooops I mean member of Destiny Child you should be sorta kinda used to it, LOL!!! Letoya's second LP is slated to be released May 19, 2009 titled Lady Love. *Crossing Fingers* Hoping this album shows some promise or at least the second single.

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  1. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Two gel acrylics!!!