Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If ya liked it, then ya shoulda' put a "Blood Diamond" on it??

And that he did! Apparently, all that running back and forth with Kimora and her two kids HASN'T been in vain. Reportedly, Mrs. Simmons Fabulosity herself and beau Djimon Hinsu were joined together LAST SUMMER in a "commitment ceremony" held in his native homeland, Benin, Africa.

According to locals, the couple went all out for the Coming to America-themed ceremony! These two pulled out ALL the stops with traditional garments, dancers, and music, even going so far as to have a hut adorn the "wedding" grounds to tie the blissful event together. Obviously, they opted for the "commitment ceremony" rather than actual marriage nuptials because Russell Simmons and Mrs. Baby Phat herself were still "legally" married. No word on if this commitment is legally binding here in the states even now that the Simmons’ divorce is final.

This was a surely a family affair, the commitment ceremony only taking place after Kimora met "Mr. Blood Diamond's" family on many previous occassions. Not to missing a beat, the ex-runway model was escorted through the beautiful getaway with her better halves in tow, daughters Ming and Aoki Lee. Supposedly, Ming cried the entire time while Aoki slept. How cute! 

All of this wedding talk kind of has me wondering what will become of the dynamic, new family once Kimora pops that bun out of the oven that the the media has eluded to lately. More importantly, what does the well-respected music and Phat Farm business-mogul have to say about all of this. After all, he does share two beautiful girls with KLS. In previous interviews when asked if the two were engaged and if "Amistad" had given her a ring "KLS" replied, "Well, kind of, not quite." I guess its safe to say the pair was so hush hush because they knew d@mn well they were already Mr. and Mrs. Hmmmmmm...TALK ABOUT IT!

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