Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make room "Boyfriend" Denim, here come the "trail-Blazers"......

April showers not only bring May flowers, they're also tagging along old trends with a new look! The Boyfriend Blazer is making its "debut" and celebs all around are taking advantage of this new trend. Pictured left is High School Musical's young, promising star Vanessa Hudgens putting her spin on a black "boyfriend" blazer. This very sheek look is not only a new trend for the nightlife...they can also be incorporated into your corporate career. You see, the "boyfriend blazer' is just a longer and sometimes more slouchy and unstructured version of your fitted blazers; this look is actually derived from your man's suit coat so you can actually go in your Booski's closet and grab one and make it happen! It can be worn with a pair of Skinny Jeans or tights, over feminine dresses (preferably one-shoulder for the Spring), with a skirt and Cami (preferably a shorter skirt that hits you above the knee), and even a graphic tee. This look is sure to turn heads and keep you one step ahead of the game.  Don't believe me? Check out any fashion mag!

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