Monday, March 16, 2009

Mike Who???

You know, I've actually been wondering where Mike Tyson has been hiding at. I mean, I'm scared of him, so I need to know where his crazy, Debo'n, ear lobe-snacking, lisping bee-lack azz is so I can run. LOL! Anywho, there was a small buzz about him for a couple of months last year. *Remember when we saw Jamie Foxx running around with that damn face tattoo, supposedly for a role where he would portray "Iron Mike"?* Well, I saw this preview for a documentary titled "Tyson" detailing his life and thought it was really interesting. It's Mike in his own words and giving up the goods on errythang, from his marriage to Robin Givens and how he fell from his $300 million (I say got d@mn!) boxing empire.

This year's Sundance Festival and oodles of other venues gave it raving reviews, so keep an eye out for it, coming out April 24th, 2009!

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