Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I beg your PARDON....

Looks like someone is trying to gain some credit in the black community if you ask me. Senator John McCain wants to get a pardon for Jack Johnson who became the nations first heavyweight boxing champion over a hundred years ago. The "Galveston Giant" was convicted of violating the Mann Act by having a consensual relationship with a white women back in 1913 this conviction is seen as being highly racially motivated. What's even more ironic is the man is dead and gone!!! So, is it even really worth it?? OK; sure it will clear his name but it makes me wonder what McCain has to gain by doing this. I smell an ulterior motive brewing!!

During a phone interview with R. Aziz the Senator reported "I've been a very big fight fan, I was a mediocre boxer myself, I had admired Jack Johnson's prowess in the ring. And the more I found out about him, the more I thought a grave injustice was done." I personally feel like if you want to do something that will really matter how about you try to pardon someone that is currently living and has been wronged in this day and age!!! Either way your old grey a*s still will NOT be our president...*singing* "our presidents lambo is blue"!!! I appreciate the efforts but something about this man is just very very sneaky. For more on Jack Johnson's legacy Click Here.

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