Friday, April 3, 2009

OFC=Obama's Fried Chicken????

Now I've been known to eat me a good good ignant piece of fried chicken from time to time (wings to be exact) and I must say I was a bit taken back by the name of this eatery. Does it seem racist and/or stereotypical to you?? One has to wonder if they just want to associate Obama's name to this place just because he's black. The last time I looked at the line at a fried chicken joint KFC to be exact the line was full of YT folks!! We are not the only ones who eat chicken!!

Eateries in Brooklyn and in Manhattan have capitalized on our 44th President's name and adorned their awnings with his name. Several weeks ago, S&T Fried Chicken on St. Nicholas Ave. in Harlem formally renamed itself after the country's first black President. And last week, Royal Fried Chicken on Rutland Road in Brownsville, Brooklyn, did the same.
Owners from both restaurants claim they are only paying homage to Barack Obama and are not trying to offend anyone or gain any notoriety off of his name.

I just feel like being that people know the stereotypes us as black people face especially when it comes to the things we "eat" that the name choice wasn't smart. Protesting these restaurants are underway; people of the communities aren't happy, and cringe when they see these signs. Feathers are being ruffled and it ain't the chickens!!

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