Friday, April 3, 2009

Leeerrrrd have "MERCY".....

Unt unt un...pump ya brakes!! According to BBC Malawi judge ruled that Madonna would not be permitted to take custody of 3-year-old orphan Chifundo "Mercy" James because law dictates a would-be parent reside in the country 18 to 24 months ahead of time. In spite of her having all her ducks in a row and reassurance from her lawyer's that this adoption was a "GO", the "Material Girl" has been denied! She wasn't present for the ruling but will be issuing an appeal with the Supreme Courts later today.

*Singing* You might win some but you really lost one! LMAO!!

In all seriousness though; I really do not feel bad because if she really wants to adopt why can't she do it where she resides?? Do they have to be kids from foreign countries. I mean d*mn forget the latest Hobo bag dangling from your arm the newest trend is African kids!! Or if she really is all that concerned about "Mercy's" well being why can't she help her family raise her by supplying finances?? IDK..I just never grasped the concept of rich YT people going to foreign countries to adopt children when you have children in your own country that needs just as much love if not more! Feed the Children in your own backyard!

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