Thursday, April 30, 2009

UPDATE:: Soooooooooo anxious.....

Surprise Surprise...looks as though Ginuwine is a faithful man, and is too "TURNT" off by Ms. LisaRaye and her antics!! The above song is supposedly dedicated to Ms. Newly Single because it has been alleged that she is the one who started the rumors about her and Mr. "Pony". In a previous interview with Jamie Brown of Sister 2 Sister; Ginuwine denied these allegations. has also reported that Lisa and Ginuwine had a recent phone conversation, and she asked him what he thought of the allegations...he was quite perturbed to say the least because it left a nasty taste in Mrs. Ginuwine's (Sole') mouth!! I don't know what to believe but I tell you one thing; do on to others as you want done on to you...and take a trip down memory lane LisaRaye because if my memory serves me correctly "Diamond" your man was snatched from you from that skinny Latin hoe Rocsi from 106&Park!! Where's ya Focus... because as sure as my fries are salted I would be worrying about my own man, and relationship (or lack there of) instead of trying to ruin someone else love connection?!!!

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