Saturday, April 4, 2009

KKNTM: North Cacky-Lacky's own, Vee Wess

KK'ers, we've found her: KK's Next Top Model! This southern belle, 
originally from NC, is definitely about to tip the scales of the industry whether it be modeling or acting! Vee Wess recently starred in the BLACKbuster hit, "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?" as well as a couple of independent films, including “For Thy Love” starring Tray Chaney of HBO’s The Wire. Vee's beauty and awe-spiring personality has led her to several modeling opportunities, featured roles, and promotional gigs. You may remember seeing Miss Wess in Trey Songz “Gotta Make It” or J. Holiday’s “Be With Me.”

Seems Ms. Wess took a lil' hiatus from the big screen after her role in Perry's film, and is currently wrapping up on her Axe Boost Campaign tour and will soon head to the Gulf Coast to start work on 
a new campaign with the Miller Lite company. Our girls a hard-worker too! And for my fellow male KK'ers, Vee's measurements definitely add up coming in at 34-26-36...but don't look too hard! Vee is happily married although, I don't think her man minds the fans at all!

This North Carolina A & T alumni is definitely reppin' NC to the fullest!! You can see more of Vee Wess on her website or her Myspace page. Look out for this one, because she came ready to play!


  1. *singing* North Carolinnnaa, c'mon and stand up!!! Take ya shirt off, twist it round ya head like it was a helicopter!!! <- wack song!

    But, anywho, i've never heard of her, but will definitely myspace her!! gotta love my fellow North Carolians!!!

  2. she's gorgeous and a true sweetheart!