Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Lost One" Found???

Do my effin eyes deceive me??!?!?! According to Sister to Sister, former Fugee Lauryn Hill is slated to perform at the 43rd annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland this coming July. OMG!!! Lauryn, is it so?!? I've prayed that she would get it together and put out some jams that would make up for the monstrosity of that damn Unplugged CD. Bleh.*raises hand* Ok, so a few questions. 1) Where the hell she been?!?! That damn Marley boy done got her barefoot and nekked somewhere locked up mentally & physically with all them kids. Please release my L Boogie permanently so that the universe can be balanced again! 2) Why the hell she gotta go all the way to Switzerland to come back on the scene? Is that a warning that she's not quite up to par yet? I really need my girl to come back swangin! "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" LP is in constant rotation on the Ipod and I want those glory days back! With that said, I'm really fearful ya'll cause I have visions she just might come out on the stage looking like this:And sounding like straight, freshly pasteurized boo boo. Scaring all them Swiss folks and make me shake my head oh so sadly. Well, we shall see how this goes!

Peep out the Montreux Jazz Festival's website for more info and stuff for the upcoming concert.

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