Monday, April 27, 2009

Treat of the Week (Zodiac Edition)

Z! Well, that's what he goes by! This true Blatino (Cuban father) is a native of Miami but currently resides in Brooklyn New York! While modeling has recently become something of a booty call, the real love in this 25 -yr young Gemini's life is acting! Aspiring would be the wrong wrong title because according to Zeric, "you have to speak it into existence!" Fresh off the set of back to back Enyce Menswear Campaigns, two seasons in a row, I wonder if he still keeps in touch with Kim and KeyCo? Yes, this was dude in the "Let It Go" video from last summer! Visit Z on his myspace and send him a message! He might write back...Lol!

P.S. And yes, that is a real tattoo in his head! I said true Gemini didn't I?

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