Monday, April 20, 2009

"God Devil in Me" by Mary Mary....Iunno bout ya'll but this cut sounds a bit secular if you ask me. I had my TV tuned into VH1 Soul and was cleaning up, I heard the music come on and started to do a nasty two step around the bedroom then I caught wind of the words and had to second guess whether or not I should continue dancing or partake in a ignant hand clapping session!! This is Kirk Franklin times 100...I must say when it comes to Gospel music I rather the traditional stuff I'm not a fan of the Gospel Rap and what not...either way the song is nice, and I love the video concept but "Gospel Music" you be the judge....

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  1. You know I saw that too, D'Maine and I like the song (Ki Ki was a good lil plus to the song too) however, my thing is, why cameo sooo many secular artist in the video??? I think they should have had both gospel and secular cameo's if they wanted to cross lines!