Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yeah Bey, Talk Your Shhh...

Seems we aren't the only ones that love Beyonce! But, just in case any of you didn't know what the hell Sasha and her Fierce ass was talking about, Clutch magazine has taken the initiative to break down her lyrics in layman's terms. Here are just a few:

From Ego:
I got every reason to feel like I’m that bitch.”
- Listen baby, there’s a million women in the universe, but they’re rotating around me at the center. Catch me on the cover of Vogue, or visit Forbes.com and check into my credentials.

From Diva:
    “Where yo boss at?
- I’m bilingual in mucho dinero and if you aren’t fluent in Mr. Benjamin, then I’d like to speak to someone who is. So I’m gon’ ask you again, where’s your boss at?

From Video Phone:
 “Everything you saying sounding good to me, no need to convince me anymore.”
- Persistence is key, but Boo “You had me at hello.”

For the complete list of "Sasha Fiercesisms," click here!

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  1. Although I didn't need a break down I'm glad you were able to put all the other lames on!! I'm loving this post...thanks Donni!!