Thursday, April 23, 2009

J to da MUAH!!!

I know I know, I'm late with this review but in my defense I'm not a big fan of Rap. I do own a few albums but I'm not a true hardcore fan. I tend to lean towards the commercial, hip hoppy rap artist but N T who....Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips has released his 3rd album titled "The Last Kiss" (released April 7, 2009), and baybee this album gives me LIFE!! I truly believe in order for a rapper to be successful he needs to appeal to all types of people; first and foremost females, once you grab us then the sky is the limit. He has something on his album for er'body!! 

Conscious songs: "Smoking Gun" featuring Jazmine Sullivan, and "What If" featuring Nas.
Club Bangers: "Who's Real" featuring Swizz Beatz & DJ Da Juiceman, and "Rocking with the Best". 
Also there is a niddle sumthin sumthin for the ladies: "Can't Stop Me" featuring Avanna Irish, "By My Side" featuring Ne-Yo, and "Things I've Been Through" (which has a Luther Vandross sample) 
As well as the hood nuccas: "Something Else" featuring Young Jeezy and "Cartel Gathering" featuring Ghostface Killah & Raekwon

Don't be fooled by all the features though, he is NOT being out shined by any of the big names he has on his album Mr. Phillips definitely holds his own. I feel this album is a definite hit and you will NOT be disappointed if you go and cop it; not only does he give you 14 tracks but he includes 3 Extra Bonus tracks!! With the success I foresee from this album I'm quite sure this won't be "The Last Kiss" we'll receive!! To find out more about Jada and his journey click HERE.

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