Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PUSH IT Real Good!

        Ahoy there KK'ers. So I guess I was pulling because I didn't know N T thing about "Pushing" it. What made me go out and purchase this book and read it was when I went to the theatres to see "Madea Goes to Jail" it was during the previews that this novel peeked my interest. Yes previews because this booked has now been turned into a motion picture and is the winner of the Dramatic Grand Jury and Audience Award Prizes for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. So it was only right that I read the book because the trailer already grabbed my attention, and I want to get er'thang from the book that the movie may or may not miss!

         Push: Precious Jones, and illiterate sixteen-year old, has up until now been invisible: invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the authorities who dismiss her as just one more of Harlem's casualties. But when Precious, pregnant with a second child by her father, meets a determined and highly radical teacher, we follow her on a journey of education and enlightenment as Precious learns not only how to write about her life, but how to make it her own for the first time.

         Now, who wouldn't want to read that?!!! A definite page turner and must read!! I finished this novel in no time...I must say it became difficult to read at times due to the content and style its written in (illiterate point of view) but once you got the gist of it the words just start to flow, Sapphire does provide captions in the hard to read places! After reading the book it actually makes me want to see the movie which is actually titled Precious (to avoid any comparison or confusion with the action movie Push) even more because it will be very interesting to see how each character is portrayed and how they turn very imperative parts in the book into art on film. Precious is slated to hit the big screen November 6, 2009, and is being backed by two the biggest powerhouses in the industry Oprah and Tyler (you know you big when you can be recognized on first name basis alone)!!! The lead role of Precious is played by Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe and some familiar faces also grace the screen Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd and Mo'Nique (who plays Precious's mother) all in all lets just say 11/6/09 is locked into my day planner!!

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