Monday, April 13, 2009

A painted MUG gathers no HATERS!

And that wonderful aroma would be the Coastal Scents website! This makeup site I personally love for getting my experiment on for cheap. They have sooo many colors and finishes that you can have a field day on there. If you love eye shadow color, but don't wanna spend a c-note on expensive azz brands *cough*MAC*cough*, I recommend the 88 eyeshadow palette.

It has just bout every shade known to man and is more convenient than having to buy 88 dang colors separately. I love "playing" in the palette cause I can let loose and a have a chance to create tons of color combinations and looks. (Some looks don't make it out the house but hey, I was having fun. LOL!) And the best part honey, it only runs you $21.95!! Even Chris Brown couldn't beat that! Pissed! I paid $40 for mine a year ago. Clearly I didn't get the memo of the falling prices. Boo! But a word to the wise: the shadow can have a high fallout (fallout=shadow that "falls" off lids easy, thus color fades) so make sure you prep the eye area with a good primer. (Miss Elle uses Urban Decay Primer Potion. Love it!) But anywho, the Coastal Scents site gets 2 freshly filled Acrylics up! Check out the site and all the good deals they have for their different makeup items. Tell us what you think of it!

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