Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We gettin' Arab Money.....

There has been a lot of controversy going on recently about Rubina Ali, the pint sized child star from the Oscar Award winning movie, Slumdog millionaire. First a British reporter revealed that Rubina’s father tried to sell her for $400,000 which the father denied and now her mother and stepmother get into a brawl in Mumbai. I personally didn't watch the movie (sumthin' about a bunch of Middle Easterners dancing and sangin' just reminded me of the 3rd Cheetah Girls installment, and I so wasn't around for it) but apparently I just may have to put my differences aside and tune in. This niddle hoe must have did a stellar job if she got grown a*s men and woman acting a fool. Sidebar: I know my nose will be turned up the ENTIRE time I'm watching...them people and they hygiene just don't sit well with me, so I can only imagine the aroma was heightened due to all the sangin' and dancing!! *Gasping* Either way talk about trying to monopolize on your pickney...SMH.

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  1. Nooo, the movie was soooo good!! Trust me, I thought the same thang and didn't watch this movie til about 2 weeks ago. I WILL be coppin this DVD when it comes out! I don't know why the mofos made it seem like it was a musical. It surly was NOT!!!! Go 'head and peep that cinema girl!!! Trrrrust me.