Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recession: Desperate Times call for...

What you can't say:
1)She didn't hit every mutha'effing beat and that wind wasn't as smooth as a good glass of wine.
2)That u secretly always wanted a tattoo somewhere on your backside as well.
3)That you don't throw on a fake lash from time to time for a more voluminous effect!
4)That you never heard of "Bring You Child to Work" day!
5)That all of your bras have a matching panty...DON'T LIE! I said ALL!
6)That her abs didn't make a slight appearance!

and finally, u know damn well after watching that clip, that song grew on you (lemme know if you know who sings it and the name of it)! LMAO**"nobody's gonna do it like me..."**

1 comment:

  1. I'm dead at this whole damn setup. This bish got my blood pressure up. SMH. I just can't take it today. LOL