Thursday, April 2, 2009

Young Mula Baaaayyybee!

In April's issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, Wayne discusses his switch from Rap to Rock and why he grew tired of rapping! Go pick up an issue to read the entire story!

The SKINNY: I don't see it for Wayne and Rock! Sorry, but I feel like you have to be high or on some other sh*t to actually enjoy his two singles off the new album, "Prom Queen" and "Hot Revolver!" To me, he has crossed the line and is almost border line Grunge! I'm not really using Weezy this quarter musically; I mean I felt like he could have won me over big with an Adam Levine meets Maroon 5 and cheats with Good Charlotte type of feel! But this music is a lil harsh for my "Mrs. Officer" ears! Thanks Wayne but I'll pass! Just cause Kanye is giving you a switch up of music genre, now err'body wanna jump on board! Maybe he should just release all this energy and get another tattoo if he has any available skin left!

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