Thursday, April 2, 2009

UPDATE:: Leading single has arrived....

Sir E wanted it and you got it from Day 26's sophomore album....

...right in time for summer if you ask me!! The atmosphere/environment in the video made me think of Miami, and we all know Miami is HOT!!! Patience is a virtue and I wouldn't mind waiting Forever and a Day!! As I did with their debut album I will be at the store on April 14th to cop this one! I love this group! Although; I can admit without ANY hesitation that Qwanell Mosley A.K.A. "Que" is turning my mutha effin stomach this season on MTB4!! If he toots his lips up and has one mo' outburst I swear fo' Jesus Imma have to put the smack down on his b*tch a*s!!! Puh lease believe me and watch him for yourself er'Thursday at 9pm EST on MTV.

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

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