Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, it's like 4:15 am and my iPod is going OFF giving me a Danity Kane medley for some reason or another, both albums (even though it's supposedly shuffling over 1700 songs)! I realize that I have missed the Season Finale of MTB4 due to my strenuous work schedule (and my prediction that the final show wouldn't fulfill my dreams and bring all 5 original members back together and start work on their third studio release; reaching for the stars? I know) and haven't found time to watch it! Then I find this clip! UGH! I am teary-eyed watching it bc DK is a part of my life; hell, I LOVE these girls! Both of their albums hold special times in history for me. I can just remember playing their CD's sooo much and so many fun times I had blasting DK in the back. It is unfortunate because I really believe that these 5 girls were very talented and had a very unique place within the music industry! I must give my respects to Puffy bc honestly, when he picked them, I didn't see it! I wanted my girl Diamond ( I think that was her name, the thick girl with the great voice) to be in the group. None the less, D, Aubrey, Andrea, Shannon and Dawn became and embodied DANITY KANE and this group has a place in my heart that will only be filled with their reunion album or something equivalent. I hate that this happened to them and it really saddens me. Let's take a moment of silence for DANITY KANE!

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