Monday, April 13, 2009

Long hair, don't care - ANYMORE?

Seems as though the springtime is bringing about some changes! People are starting to let go of old habits and trends. I for one, like to keep things the same. I am a stickler for a routine and a certain normalcy or regularity, but hell, I'm about as anal and OCD as they come so don't mind me! I recently got a call from one of my life long friends asking me if he should cut his hair (his hair has been a niddle longer than shoulder length since I met him). Spring is upon us and everyone knows that Summer is making her way down the street, so with the heat about to rise up, there's no better time than now! But before you do decide to get rid of the braids and turn in the ponytail for a Caesar, Sir E has a few tips to help make the transition easier! 

1) Don't go from long to short immediately! Be "ADVANTAGEOUS!" This transition is a great time to try out some new styles that may require some hair! So start out by cutting about 1/3 of your hair off; try twists, short dreds or even a curly fade! U never know, you might find your look...

2) Please make sure that your line up is done correctly! One of the most important things, especially for a man of color, is to have a sharp line up (Line up = Edge, Tape, etc depending on your region). This is imperative if you decide to cut off your hair because once people see you, this is the next thing that they will look at (the first will be your bald @ss head!)

3) Make sure that you start to get rid of the dandruff about a month before you cut the mane! I mean, dandruff may not be as noticeable under some well-maintained hair, but believe you ME, when you get that egg-PEALED, all of that Arm & Hammer will show up (AND WILL)! I recommend Pantene Pro-V's Conditioner for W.O.C. (still wishing they will change that title to People of Color) in the brown bottle to help with that! Please don't be in the barber's chair making it rain, cause who ever is next will have to request a thorough cleansing of those clippers!

If you follow these steps, you should be good to go! Personally, I have been thinking about switching it up myself for the summer! I ain't mad at "Bentley's New Do" either!

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