Monday, April 13, 2009

Treat of the Week (Flipmode)

Yes, I've been discriminating on the Treats of the Week. My bad for only posting eye candy of the male persuasion, ya'll gotta be on me. But here folks is our first featured lady! Here at KK, we boast an array of some of the best thick, fine women. So we can appreciate when a fellow thick gal is on her grind! Toccara Jones is definitely an A+ caliber woman in all ways (no homo) & I can not even hate the girl, she is fantabulous! Makes me think I can pull off a pic with my panty draws on. *runs to put camera on self timer*
Miss T has also been successfully busy with her modeling hustle. Back in July 2008, she helped make history while being featured in Italian Vogue's first "All Black Issue" and KILT it!!! Nothing but pure admiration for her. In the words of one of my favorite selections: Get it b!tch!!!!!

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