Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You can have....WHATEVER YOU LIKE!!!

And what she wanted was consummation of their relationship! Sorry ladies; this one is officially "off the market!" *whispers* Ya'll know he's still up for grabs cause apparently he likes to share the goods; look at how many d*mn kids he done had on her!! It was reported that "T.I." and "Tiny" were going to seal the deal this weekend. Sources close to the future Mrs. Harris have said Tiny and her bridesmaids are working feverishly - making last minute plans to make sure that everything turns out perfectly. Tameka emailed me my invitation just this morning so I know they must be working hard at making this happens cause a traditional mail invitation would have taken too long! I WILL be in attendance and will be trying to snap some photos (low-key for you all) of the happy couple! Quietly I feel as though he can do sooooooo much better thou!  Am I the only one that thinks Tameka "Tiny" Cottle's is AWFUL!? I just don't see IT; there isn't N T thing cute about her to me..99.9% er'time I see her in photos she is a HAM = HOT A*S MESS!! ****SHADE****

Your source D'Maine Truth and nothing but the truth.

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