Thursday, May 14, 2009

This living' is soooo....MAGNIFICENT!!

Late; I know but KK puh lease understand that I D'Maine Truth do have a life outside of blogging, with Sir E having me jet set here and there on any given day covering numerous events, as well as my daytime job it gets "Deeper Than Rap" ! Word to the wise A.K.A. Mr. Curtis Jackson: you may not want to start beef with someone when there album is slated for a release during the midst of this beef. It will only heighten the curiosity of the album and make people like myself go and cop just to see what they will say back! The "Boss" doesn't dwell on 50 2 much he addresses him oh so cleverly in "Mafia Music"..and I quote "I love to pay her bills, can't wait to pay her rent, Curtis Jackson baby mama ain't askin for a cent. Burn the house down, we gotta buy another, Don't forget the gas can, jealous, stupid muthaf*cka. " *whispers* Curtis pick up ya lip and exit stage left, annnnnd thanks!

Not to let his album be out shined with just addressing the hatas he has some really nice cuts. As I said for a Rap album to hit home with me I need a few bangers for the ladies and I got 'em: "All I Really Want" feat. The Dream, "Magnificent" feat. John Legend (both have very nice videos to accompany the infectious chorus) as well as one of my favs "Bossy Lady" feat NeYo which gives props to all the HBIC's in the world (myself included). Not to mention he keeps it street as well with such tracks as: "Usual Suspects" feat. Nas "In Cold Blood" which the title is self explanatory. And what Rap album will be complete without a song braggin' about how you running thangs in his case MIA ; he put pimpin' to lyrics in songs like: "Maybach Music" feat. TPain, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne; as well as "Yacht Club" feat Magazeen.

I must say that I really like this album, and I like "Rickety Ross" his style of rap to me is very nonchalant. Being that he has West Indian roots he also infuses Patois into his music which comes off real smoove! Spittin' rhymes over the beats is effortlessly, he has this calm to his voice, even on the "hardcore" tracks he appears real melodious! LOL...quietly I have a slight crush on his big Teddy Bear a*s and was looking for him last year during Miami's Memorial Day Weekend!! I'm gon' go right ahead and give ya'll the go ahead to go and spend ya coinz on this album if you haven't already. It's definitely worth the duckets!

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  1. Ooohh!! This is clearly the first CD I listen to e'ery mornting at work! (shouts to co-worker) Oop! Don't pull it rudeness!! *singing* all a n*&&a really want is you!!!