Thursday, May 21, 2009

Usually I'm HUMBLED, right now I don't CHOOSE...

Beyonce has released her fifth video EGO from her 3rd studio LP entitled "I AM...Sasha Fierce" on the brink of one of the largest vacationed holidays in the U.S. (Memorial Day Weekend). In my opinion, Bey knows exactly what she is doing! Over are the days of extremely costly video sets and over the top THRILLS! Bey has captured and catered to her largest fanbase "the kids" and is simply giving them dance lessons via her videos! Makes sense, it's Marketing 101: Target Segments! Don't believe me? Remember the hype surrounding the SINGLE LADIES video? All of the YouTube response videos immitating Beyonce and her moves? Well, this is just another way to showcase her talent while still keeping her fans at the heart of her work! Brilliance at it's best! 

"...some call it arrogant, I call it confident...You decide when you find on what I'm working with.."

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