Sunday, May 31, 2009

iPhone HOME!

With a new Social-networking site popping up every other week and my slue of business ventures that I juggle simultaneously, I have to have a mobile/cellular device that can keep up! But being the person that I am, I always want the latest and greatest (hence my BB Curve)! With this phone, I can reach any and everyone via any and every way! But, I'm bored! While the BB is a great phone and it seems like most business-savvy like minded individuals have one, I want something new! iPhone: This is just not going to work for me because me and touch screen just don't get along like that! I left the TREO series for this reason! While friends of mine who own Ms. 3G say that it doesn't give that problem, I'm not a fan of not having a Qwerty (full-press-able) keyboard! And AT&T and my pocket NEVER came to an agreement!
Instinct: Umm..If Im going to get a top of the line touchscreen, it would be an iPhone duh! So sorry Instinct, you just lost for being a biter! 

Is there really any other competition? I will say that I do like the BB BOLD (pictured below)by AT&T because I have played with it and it's nice ! So I guess what I'm really asking for is for SPRINT to step their game up and give me some options! 

Remember when their used to be like a new cell phone every other week that came out and you HAD to have it?? Have we reached the top??? Is there no where else to go from here?? Feedback KK, FEEDBACK!

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