Sunday, May 3, 2009

I got 99 Problems....

But my KICKS AIN'T ONE! Now, everyone knows that Sir E goes innnn on a nasty high-top! I believe that the high-top sneaker is the epitome of all sneakers and absolutely looks great on ANY PERSON a lot of people! On one of my recent "Swipe-It Saturdays," I was approached by my favorite sales clerk at @ TOP SECRET Exclusive shoe store in the D.C. area (which shall remain nameless) with a Black/Red Supra! I have never really been a fan of Supras (mostly because of the wide look -- very reminiscent of a DC Shoe which I have plenty of) but when I saw this shoe, I became a believer. 
             Meet the Supra Society High Top from well-known professional skater (and Daughter Simmons ex-boo) T.K.! Oooh Weee! This shoe is definitely dope and is set for International Release on May 17th! But as sure as your toast is buttered KK'ers, I copped this shoe this weekend and have had them on since my BWI outbound flight (easier to leave thru that airport because the paps don't usually camp there)! 
The collection will display a couple of colors and palette choices so I suggest you check them out over at SUPRA's website when you get a minute because only a limited amount will be sold at certain stores throughout the U.S. (Air Yeezy Jr.???)! I'm just tryna put you up on game...

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  1. Mrs. C.R.E.A.M.May 3, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    That shoe is soooo hottttt!!!