Friday, June 12, 2009

You make me wanna.....

*singing* leave da one I'm with start a new relationship with yoooooouuu!

Now I'm not reporting this as "BREAKING NEWS" I just wanted to chime in and put my two cents in if you will! For those of us NOT living under a rock..we all know that Usher and Tameka are NO LONGER an item. I think I speak for 99.9% of the people when I say I'm not the least bit surprised. His fine ass ain't have no business with Tameka Foster old ass (in the words of B. Scott) GUTTER BUTT TROLLOP! I mean she isn't even cute..her face is all hard and masculine looking..she got the head of a lion and the mane of one two..nappy head hoe! AAARRGGGHH...if Mr. Raymond wanted an old hoe he shoulda just stayed with Chilli! Quiet as kept I was hatin' and throwin' shade on this so call union from jump because anybody who knows me know Usher is my future baby daddy..and he just had to go and breed not 1 but 2 with this (_zzz_)* tramp! *
Sighs HARD* Ok I'm done venting...what chall think? Lemme know...

*(_zzz_)= TIRED ASS

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