Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before Tameka & The Lil U-rshers

Boiiiiii!! Do I miss the Usher that used to take off his shirt and grind on the microphone stand while sweating perfusley! Prior to him making babies and bumping ugly’s with someone’s great auntie, Usher used to be a young curly haired Thunder Cat with a face full of dimples. Let us also reflect on when knowing how to dance (& box braids) was once a requirement to be in a video. Take notice at Usher’s “boo” in this video….yes, that is “Kisha” BKA Taral Hicks that co-starred in Belly alongside DMX. Close your eyes and listen to the smoove grooves of Usher….B.T(Before Tameka).

*Side Note* If you aren’t already a proud owner of it….please go out and purchase Usher’s first album “Usher”. He’s talking a bit nasty for a (at-the-time) 14 year old teenager on this album but I believe that it is rather good.

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