Tuesday, June 2, 2009

STADIUM MUSIC, Soccer Field Budget!

        Bad Boy Records has released the second video from Day26's sophomore release entitled STADIUM MUSIC! While the video and concept seem to have been on the left side of the Bad Boy budget, the guys personal opinions of the video is the root of the problem. Now, let's take a second to remember the economic crisis we are in! Ain't nobody really buying CDs anymore and with Day26 only coming in a little over 100k sold the first week, it would seem as though they have little to say about their project. But according to the Twitter pages of Que, Willie and Robert (my favorite vocalist of the group), the guys seem to not like the video and would have preferred to have input. My question to them is: Where you all ready to put down some more money to make your vision happy? Exactly; see what happens is that these groups forget who is in charge...P.Smickle! That's right and that H.N.I.C. can do whatever it is that he pleases!

        Clearly Diddy decided that the video was not worth all those damn theatrics and such and just went with a simple, basic concept to get the video/song back out there and keep the LP "Forever in a Day" relevant. This is what I be talkin' about people! Beyonce has the game going MAD! This skank,whore,slut,Diva...terms of endearmentwoman comes out with a myriad of simple ass 1,2 step videos that prolly cost her a smooth $49.99 and has the internet and fans going CRAZY! But everyone can't be like Bey! So until Que and Dawn can scrape up their pennies and Will can hold some back from his barber for that edge up (Horrendous) and Robert can get the regular Winn-Dixie brand relaxer instead of Dark & Lovely, then they will just have to go along with what Diddy says! But airing your frustrations over Twitter about how you don't really like the video isn't going to make your fans like it even more! Where is their PR team because they are actually digging their grave right next to a certain all-girl band that was disassembled as of late! Question: Do do you have a FIRST AID KIT HANDY?

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